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1. Why is this StringTokenizer not tokenizing properly following the second time?

I want to parse the following using StringTokenizer for every string matching agent>. I tried it using the code like this. Where I am going wrong?

StringTokenizer stringtokenizer=new StringTokenize(hari,"agent>");


2. string tokenizer in Java

I have a text file which contains data seperated by '|'. I need to get each field(seperated by '|') and process it. The text file can be shown as below : ABC|DEF||FGHT I ...

3. StringTokenizer problem of tokenizing


StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(a);
while (st.hasMoreTokens()){
Given above codes, the output is following,
My only question is why ...

4. Tokenize problem in Java with separator ". "

I need to split a text using the separator ". ". For example I want this string :

Washington is the U.S Capital. Barack is living there.
To be cut into two parts:
Washington ...

5. Ignore parentheses with string tokenizer?

I have an input that looks like: (0 0 0)
I would like to ignore the parenthesis and only add the numbers, in this case 0, to an arraylist.
I am using scanner ...

6. java token if statement

I have a problem with an ifstatement in a StringTokenizer method i think it is due to it being a char array, I have tryed to convert it but it seems ...

7. Java How to Convert Token to String?

Cant seem to figure out how to convert a Token (StringTokenizer) into a String. I have a String[] of keywords, and I read in multiple lines of text from a text file. StringTokenizer ...

8. Tokenizing the Message from the Service using StringTokenizer

Hello Friends How are you all... I have propblem in reading the message from the FTP Service i get the message like this ..Client will receive the Following Messages from service: message LocalFTP~Networkshare~ServiceVersion~ServiceRelease~ServiceControlVersion~ServiceControlRelease\r\n here "message" can be --> ACCEPTED, COMPLETED, PROGRESS, INVALID. ex: ACCEPTED D:\FTP~D:\Share~v1~R2.1.1.0~v1~R1.1.1.0 COMPLETED D:\FTP~D:\Share~v1~R2.1.1.0~v1~R1.1.1.0 PROGRESS D:\FTP~D:\Share~v1~R2.1.1.0~v1~R1.1.1.0 INVALID i have to tokenize this each one and write into the ...

9. String Tokenizer - getting the 10 th Token

String line = "1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15"; StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(line, "|"); String SIM=""; for(int i=0;(i<[B]9[/B]) && (st.hasMoreTokens());i++) { st.nextToken(); } System.out.println(st.nextToken()); the above code will give you the 10th token but my guess is you want it to be dynamic and not fixed to get the 10th token only. just make sure the number in "i<___" has to be one less than ...

10. finding token data type (StringTokenizer)

Does anyone know how to find the data type of st.nextToken in the code below? I can't use streamTokenizer's TT_WORD or TT_NUMBER b/c need to parse words like G7790 that have both #s and letters and streamTokenizer gets confused. Need something specific to stringTokenizer. Searched Sun's page w/ no luck. TIA try { FileReader f = new FileReader("tile1.txt"); BufferedReader b = ...

11. StringTokenizer Question: is there a way to go back a token ?

Yes I did.. but what I am trying to do is to print out the delimiter associated with the specific token. I can get it to work up until the last token, then when it called nextToken(), it runs off the end and throws an exception. I'm guessing there is no way to reset the position of the string tokenizer ? ...

13. StringTokenizer - read a token twice

Hello, Is there a way to read a token using StringTokenizer (or another tokenizer class...), without automatically advancing to the next one? Or to put the token back? That is, read a token 2 times. I could use an self managed array contanining all tokens, but i wonder if there is a cleaner method. Thank you!