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1. Using timezone 'EST' in freemarker template

<#setting time_zone="America/New_York">
Time: ${response.currentDate?string("MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm a zzz")}.
I need the timezone to be displayed as 'EST'. But currently, when i run the application and the email gets generated from the template above, it is ...

2. JAVA TimeZone issue EDT Vs EST

I a newbie to java and hence haven't been able figure this out since quite some time. I am using Windows XP and the machine is set to TimeZone: Eastern Time (US ...

3. Compare the current EST to 2PM EST? How?

So I have this piece of code that would return the current EST

Date easternTime = new Date();
DateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat("h:mm a");
return format.format(easternTime);
let say it return x = 12:15PM I want to ...

4. how to format the date from GMT timezone to EST timezone?

Hi, I want to format the date from GMT ( DB column's data type is time stamp) to EST timezone but i am not able to do it.. I tried lot of things but still i couldn't succeed. some piece of code i am pasting-- //here getDtCmuTime() is in date datatype which is coming from some hibernate mapping file & I ...