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1. How to (correctly) report timezone using String.format %tz?

If I execute:

System.out.println("Formatter: " + String.format("%1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS %1$tz %1$tZ", now));
System.out.println("SimpleDF : " + new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm:ss Z z").format(now));
I expect the result to be the same. If I check the automatically adjust for daylight ...

2. Any utility in the JDK to format a timezone into a specific string

I will be retrieving values from the range -12 to +12 & I need to convert it to a specific timezone format string. e.g.

-3 becomes -03:00
0 becomes Z
4 becomes +04:00
Is there any ...

3. javazic timezone format

Where can I find documentation about the binary data format outputted by javazic (the files shipped in Debian's tzdata-java package)? The standard format used in /usr/share/zoneinfo has no explicit concept of daylight ...

4. format as GMT/UTC time when default timezone is something else

I have a program which needs to run under my local timezone for other reasons, but for one procedure i need to output dates using a SimpleDateFormat in GMT. what is the ...

5. How to get timezone representation in GMT format

Our timezones are stored in the database as follows (e.g. America/Los_Angeles). How do I get the equivalent GMT representation from the above (e.g. GMT -08:00)

6. Simple Date Format With TimeZone Issue

Hi i have problem with simpledateformat+ timezone here is my code and i am expecting my output as 25/11/2011 but its returning as 24/11/2011. And my current time zone is Pacific ...

7. Output a date with timezone, in W3C datetime format?

Hi all, Unless I'm blind, I can't find an easy way to output a date in W3C datetime format, with timezon. What I want is what W3C describes as YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD. For example: 1997-07-16T19:20:30+01:00 I looked at the SimpleDateFormat, but I can't find any way to get the timezone part with the colon between hour and minute. When I use the ...

8. Any API that returns the timezone in GMT(+/-) format?

Hi all, I went through the Timezone package but could not find the exact API that returns the timezone in GMT, rather it returns as "Europe/Berlin". As far as I had read through the API doc, I found that the Timezone APIs like getTimezone(), getDefault() methods return only the ID in this format "Europe/Berlin" and not in GMT format. I cannot ...

9. Formatting date object using TimeZone

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12. Need TimeZone in GMT+hhmm format