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1. How to print out time zone abbreviations when using offset hours in Joda Time?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Joda Time, and I'm being passed DateTimeZones that are created using DateTimeZone.forOffsetHours(). I'd like to print these timezones using standard timezone acronyms such as "PST", "EST", etc. However, whenever ...

2. JRE clock is different (one hour ahead) than system date    stackoverflow.com

I have a windows server 2003 machine, installed on it, a cisco product called "Cisco Voice Portal", this product runs on JRE version 1_5_0_12. Getting the date/time either by:

new Date();
always the date ...

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I do not understand why MutableDateTime.setDate() is setting the time to "yesterday" (see the log timestamp hours - it is 20:28). Is this timezone related? Do I need to ...

4. AIX Timezone problem, Java showing one hour less    coderanch.com

Ragu, one thing is not clear from your post: between Java's output and the system "date" output, which one (if any) is actually correct? Is this a problem with Java, or a problem with how the date command is displaying the time? I'm suspicious to see that $TZ is "IST-5:30IST" - that looks nonsensical to me. IST should be equivalent to ...

6. TimeZone is off by one hour    forums.oracle.com

Hi folks, I use the TimeZone.getDefault() and TimeZone.getTimeZone("America/Los_Angeles") to print the date string. They are both off by one hour and the timezone string is "GMT-08:00" intead of "PDT". The OS is Debian. When I type the date command, it shows "Tue Mar 29 17:56:18 PDT 2011" which is correct. What other settings can be wrong? Thanks!

7. Re: TimeZone is off by one hour    forums.oracle.com

Ok... need some help here: Right now LA is on PDT. Here is a simply program: [CODE] import java.util.TimeZone; public class TimeZoneTest { public static void main(String[] args) { TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone("America/Los_Angeles"); System.out.println(tz.getDisplayName()); } } [/CODE] It prints out: Pacific Standard Time Though it should be printing out: Pacific Daylight Time What am I doing wrong here?