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1. time is different than the system time

My system time is 12:23 AM, but if i try to display the time using normal java code;

Date dt = new Date();
System.out.println("date is "+dt);
i am getting different time : date ...

2. To extract the timezone from the system

Hi all, I am able to extract the timezone from the sytem when the system has the operating system WINDOWS XP, the timezone contains places with time but i am not able to get the timezone that will contain places with time when the system has WINDOWS 2000. suppose i have set my system to Windows XP and I have set ...

3. How to get System Timezone?

Hi James! Thanks for the reply but what I am looking for is printing the SYSTEM Timezone...whatever be it -BST/EST/IST etc. So if my System in configured to be in say XYZ timezone, I wish my Java code to be able to print this XYZ timezone. What is the command for this? I am using Java 1.4.2. Thanks, Diksha

4. Setting system Timezone

Hi, I hope somebody can help me here, please not I am a complete newb to Java. Our company resell backup software built on java, and the application comes with its own jvm This is located in c:\program folders\Ahsay OBM\bin and \lib The problem I have, is for many of our users, the timezone is still set to ACT -8 (Not ...

5. getting system TimeZone