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1. Determine Number of Decimal Place using BigDecimal

I was interested to have the following getNumberOfDecimalPlace function :

    System.out.println("0 = " + Utils.getNumberOfDecimalPlace(0));          // 0

2. How can I specify the number of decimal places of a BigDecimal to print?

I am using BigDecimal as follows:

BigDecimal val = object.getValue();//it returns BigDecimal type value
val contains 12.2300. I want to display 12.23 on my page. How can I do this?

3. Java run-time error " Non-terminating decimal expansion; no exact representable decimal result" in BigDecimal class

it give me an error when choosing "Positive improper integration"or"Negative improper integration" the error is Exception in thread "main" ...

4. BigDecimal for Stock Prices?

I realize that we should use BigDecimal for all monetary values, but what about stock prices in dollars? I noticed that data feed API from major vendors uses the type double for ...

5. BigDecimal - material decimal places

I have a BigDecimal value and I want to know if the number of decimal places it has is outside a boundary.

e.g. If BigDecimal is 123.456 and my decimal ...

6. BIG decimals

Hey, I'm working on a program that will calculate pi, and I need a way to store digits beyond the 16 that a double can hold. I've looked into BigDecimals, but can't find out how many digits of a number that they can hold. Does anyone know how many digits bigdecimals hold or another way to store many digits usable in ...

7. Need only two decimal places, but BigDecimal isn't working

LOL. When I was a kid still playing my Playstation I wanted to have a career in computers when I got to college. Now I'm 14 and a 3rd year high school student and I just got a reality check -- computers just isn't for me. And alot of those professionals say Java is the "easiest" programming language. O_O Meh. I'll ...