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1. Java BigDecimal remove decimal and trailing numbers

I'm new to Java and trying to take a BigDecimal (for example 99999999.99) and convert it to a string but without the decimal place and trailing numbers. Also, I don't want ...

2. Convert a COBOL trailing sign numeric to BigDecimal

How does one go about converting a COBOL trailing sign numeric into a BigDecimal? I have a COBOL trailing sign numeric like so: 00000123455- I want to convert this to a BigDecimal resulting in -1234.55 I've been able to successfully convert the opposite way, BigDecimal to COBOL trailing sign, using NumberFormat and DecimalFormat with a format string like so '000000000.00+;000000000.00-'

4. Stripping trailing zeros in BigDecimal.

Hi, I am facing a problem while using Bigdecimal. If anyone has faced the same please help. I want to strip the trailing zeros present in the BigDecimal object. If I use the stripTrailingZeros() method present in the BigDecimal class, it works well for other values like 1.0 (for which it gives 1) , but for value as 0.0 the method ...