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1. Converting an image in 8-bit grayscale RAW image in java

Please let me know how to convert a JPG/PNG/BMP image into a 8-bit grayscale RAW image in Java. Is it possible to obtain using ImageIO API?

2. How do you convert a string to a 32-bit big-endian number in java?

I'm trying to get some websockets working and I need to convert a string (or a long) to 32-bit big-endian number... how do you do this in Java?

3. How to convert a 24 Bit PNG to 3 Bit PNG using Floyd–Steinberg dithering?

How to convert a 24 Bit PNG to 3 Bit PNG using Floyd–Steinberg dithering? java.awt.image.BufferedImage should be used to get and set RGB values. On wikipedia, an example is ...

4. Java 120 bits data conversion into 32 bits

Is there any way to convert my 120 bits of data into 32 bits, and after get back my 120 bit data from these 32 bits?

5. How do I convert a big-endian(64 bit) to little endian(64 bit) in Java

You don't need third party tools for this -- the java.nio.ByteBuffer class can do this for you. Just allocate a byte buffer of at least 8 bytes, set the order to big endian, put in the long value, set the order to little endian, reset the position to zero, and get the long value back from the buffer. Henry

6. Beginner question about bit conversion

Hello! /****************DISCLAIMER****************/ I am a self-taught, beginning programmer with Java. So what, you asked? Well, there is a *lot* of the "basics" that I don't have...lots of things that aren't so obvious to me. /****************DISCLAIMER****************/ I have a Oracle (10G) database table that contains 2 columns: callbackday (Date datatype) & callbacktime (Number(5) datatype). My job is to extract data from this ...

9. Convert 16 bit bitmap to 24 or 8 bits??

11. converting in bit form

12. Convert 256-bit image to one-bit

OK here's a framework 1) load the image into a BufferedImage object using the javax.imageIO classes. Not sure they support bmp, you may have to convert to some non-windows format first. 2) create a second, empty BufferedImage wirth the same format as the first 3) Decide on a threshold for your conversion - start with 128 (half brightness) 4) Access the ...

14. Convert UTF8 to 8-bit intellegently

I need to convert a UTF8 file into 8-bit. Of coarse, there is no way to do this perfectly, but it would be nice if there was a function that would make an intellegent substitution for characters that aren't in ASCII. For instance, the curly double quotes character would become a normal double quotes. I tried using String.getBytes("ISO-8859-1"), but it just ...

15. bit rate and sampling rate conversion