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1. Bit manipulation and output in Java

If you have binary strings (literally String objects that contain only 1's and 0's), how would you output them as bits into a file? This is for a text compressor I was ...

2. Bit Manipulation Syntax Question Java

checker |= (1 << val);
What does the |= do? The 1 << val shifts the bits to the left which increases the value.

3. Java Bit Manipulation - What does (num >>= 1) do?

I was looking at some code that outputs a number to the binary form with prepended 0s.

    byte number = 48;
    int i = 256; ...

4. Bit Manipulation

Hi guys, What is the best tutorial for bit manipulation in java? I've tried reading some books but they only give an overview and few examples. It would be much better if a tutorial could cover up all the topics in bit manipulation and present more helpful examples and applications. Please help me with this as I am so confuse with ...

5. Bit manipulation

The 0xff isn't necessary in this case. That being said, I might have written this (unnecessarily) and commonly write it like that, out of habit and as a safeguard. The 0xff doesn't make a difference because the result is narrowed into a byte. If it weren't, that is, if it were kept as an int for instance, it would be Very ...

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