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1. Understanding max JVM heap size - 32bit vs 64bit

I've read the max heap size on 32bit Windows is ~1.5GB which is due to the fact that the JVM requires contiguous memory. Can someone explain the concept of ...

2. bit twiddling in java - power set, ordered by size

Following up my previous bit-twiddling question, now I'm looking to trim down the method that uses that one (though, an unbuffered version, since the life of the array is only ...

3. Generate a random string with a specific bit size in java

How do i do that? Can't seems to find a way. Securerandom doesn't seems to allow me to specify bit size anywhere

4. Estimating the size of a java object on a 32 bit vm?

Possible Duplicate:
In Java, what is the best way to determine the size of an object?
If I have a class like:
Class A{
B b = new ...

5. What is the largest possible heap size with a 64-bit JVM?

The theoretical maximum heap value that can be set with -Xmx in a 32-bit system is of course 2^32 bytes, but typically one cannot use all 4GB. For a ...

6. maximum java heap size on Intel 64bit