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1. how to add multible bytes together?

I'm trying to write a ROM file patcher and I came to this in the documentation:

The next three bytes are the place in the destination file
(the file to be patched) where ...

2. Java String to byte[] (String contains object data)

I am using a JavaScript to Applet object called JSObject and I get from my JSObject the value of a java object that I stored in my html page. The java object ...

3. LSB/MSB handling in Java

I am very new to this and I have a very fundamental question: If I have to handle values to be stored in bytes like 0x118, how do I split the ...

4. appending byte[] to the end of another byte[]

I have two java byte[] arrays which are of unknown length and I simply want to add one to the end of the other. ie:

byte[] ciphertext = blah;
byte[] mac = blah;
byte[] ...

5. Number of bytes to encode a number

This might be a beginner Java question but I would like to be able to calculate the number bytes it will require to store a whole number. And to convert that ...

6. Java - Byte[] to byte[]

There is Vector and DataOutputStream. I need to write bytes from Vector (toArray returns Byte[]) to the stream, but it understands byte[] only. How to convert Byte[] to byte[] ?

7. Accessing class bytes?

My goal is to access the byte[] representing the bytecode of a class without specifically knowing the location of the class files at runtime. I have looked into two solutions and was ...

8. Taking a bytearray and creating and writing a JPEG

I have a program that

  1. Accepts an encoded base64 string
  2. Converts it to a byte array.
It does this fine. The final step involves writing this byte array to a file. For example C:\example.jpg. I ...

9. Difference between byte[] and byte ... in Java Methods

Someone asked me what the difference between the two method parameters and why you would use the ... over specifically assigned array.

putMessage(byte ...send)

putMessage(byte[] send)
I couldn't answer them with confidence and couldn't ...