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1. Hex representaion of bytes in a String    stackoverflow.com

I read somewhere that string 0123456789ABCDEFFEDCBA987654321089ABCDEF01234567 is 192 bit (24). Its written that it is a "hex representation of bytes" I need help on this concept. PS: This is secret key of TripleDES ...

2. How to change the hex string to 4 byte in java?    stackoverflow.com

I am doing a assignment about this. For Eaxmple: I have a message (String), and the length is 302 in dec, 12e in hex.

String message = "THE MESSAGE BODY";
int lengthOfMessage = number.length(); // ...

3. byte hex calculation in java    stackoverflow.com

i am an amature in byte..hex calculation etc...my application requires me to send some data through sockets in the form of bytes...

1st byte -> [ { ]
2nd byte -> [ ...

4. sending data as hexadecimal in bytes?    stackoverflow.com

This is the operation that i am doing..can i do the adding up of hex in this manner programatically.. ? i am supposed to send the hexa values .. as per ...

5. java byte operation doubt    stackoverflow.com

public final byte[] getParam(String commandName,String memLocation,String dataId){
    byte[] result = new byte[9];
    result[0] = START_FRAME.getBytes()[0]; // {

6. byte[] to String in Java: What does the output mean?    stackoverflow.com

So, I'm having a little trouble trying to make a card reader work properly on a Multi-functional printer and I've narrowed down my problem to the weird value a string outputs ...

7. More Silly Hex to Byte to String and Back Conversions    coderanch.com

When using values below 127, I'm ok. If the value goes above that I get a number format exception. I am familiar with java's signed byte value, but I thought I understood this static call to return a signed conversion. I would expect 0xFA for example to be valid. When you say "signed conversion", what do you mean exactly? I'm assuming ...

8. hex into byte    coderanch.com

There is no way to do this for binary numbers just like hexadecimal numbers. There is for octal numbers (base 8): preceed the number by a zero. So for example 065 is an octal number, with the decimal value 6 x 8 + 5 = 53. Why hexadecimal and octal but not binary? I don't know, but the hex and octal ...

9. Java Byte to Hex String    coderanch.com

I'm trying to convert a Java byte to a 2-digit Hex string hex string. I can use the System output to get what I want, but I'm having trouble writing a general method. In short, I'm looking for the equivalent of doing the following: byte myByte = ...; System.out.printf("%02X",myByte); ..but with the ability to append the results to a StringBuilder/StringBuffer object. ...

10. Hex Decode for Byte's    coderanch.com

11. byte to hex    forums.oracle.com

12. Hex values in byte    forums.oracle.com

Yes and no. You'll get the byte 0xC8 into b that way, but its numerical value will be -56, not 200. Since you want an array of bytes, I assume this won't matter. But why do you want to do it that way anyway? And why a short, not an int? And by the way, 0xC8 is also a "numeric value". ...

13. how to fill a byte with 2 HEX    forums.oracle.com

I have 2 Hexs, which varies depending on the input. For instance, 1st Hex = E and 2nd = F. I would like to fill 0xEF into a byte, how do I do that? There is a bitwise/shifting method that I'm not sure of but I was told that's might be the answer.

14. from hex string to byte    forums.oracle.com

hello I have a little problem with my code. I need a code converting an MD5 hash into a byte array in my code I calculate the hash of a string by this way String test="aaaa"; MessageDigest md; md = MessageDigest.getInstance("MD5"); byte[] md5hash = new byte[32]; md.update(test.getBytes("utf-8"), 0, hash2.length()); md5hash = md.digest(); I want now to take an MD5 hash as ...

15. byte with base 16 (hex)    forums.oracle.com

16. byte with base 16 (hex)    forums.oracle.com

18. Creating a byte using the hex code    forums.oracle.com

Hello, I'm trying to create a set of bytes, and I know I can hard code them (i.e 0x13, 0x24, 0x42 etc). Two questions: 1. Are those byte representations hex values? hex(13) hex(24) hex(42) 2. Can you create bytes dynamically, once you know the number. Like if you had the numbers 13, 24, 42, could you create bytes with them? Thanks ...

19. String representing Hex to byte[] ?    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, After looking over the forum I don't find an answer to my problem. I have an int value that I want to convert in Hex and store in a byte[] (length = 4). For example, intValue = 8191 => hexValue = 1FFF => byte[] = 00 00 1F FF My problem is to store the hex value into the ...

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