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1. Scale an image which is stored as a byte[] in Java

I upload a file with a struts form. I have the image as a byte[] and I would like to scale it.

FormFile file = (FormFile) dynaform.get("file");
byte[] fileData = file.getFileData(); 
fileData = ...

2. getting bytes format in java of an image

i have a requirement, i want to take URL of image from user and then convert it to bytes format, and send it my server, i am using tomcat as web-app ...

3. How to identify contents of a byte[] is a jpeg?

I have a small byte array (under 25K) that I receive and decode as part of a larger message envelope. Sometimes this is an image, and when it is and image, ...

4. Get bytes from iText's Barcode39 image

how can I get the bytes from an image generated using itext's barcode39 class ? I have:

Document document = new Document(new Rectangle(340, 842));
PdfWriter writer = PdfWriter.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream(filename));
PdfContentByte cb = writer.getDirectContent();
Barcode39 ...

5. flushing image bytes to client browser

Hi All, I am facing some problem with my servlet code, I am trying to display the image returned by 3rd party server in the browser. But it gives me error : The image http://localhost:8080/velocity/googlechart/ cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. code is as follows, can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here ? in the code, String urlStr ...

6. Java image and byte[]

9. creating an Image from byte[]

10. displaying an image in byte[] type

11. Byte[] of .png to Image of any form

I am loading a .png image from a file, and because it is encrypted (on top of being compressed as a .png) I must load it as a byte array and decrypt it. I just need to be able to access the pixel data and I am not sure of how I can convert the byte[] into a image. Any ideas? ...

12. storing image to rms as bytes

Project "saveimage" loaded Project settings saved Building "saveimage" Build complete Running with storage root DefaultColorPhone record store created hi check for image length length is2869 2869 sucess Execution completed. 955248 bytecodes executed 28 thread switches 742 classes in the system (including system classes) 3980 dynamic objects allocated (134324 bytes) 2 garbage collections (90936 bytes collected)

13. How to resize the Image from byte[] input

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