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This is the first time that I use the JNI and also the first time that I have to write some lines in C. What I am trying to do is very ...

2. JNI: passing bytes from c++ to java    stackoverflow.com

const int size = GetFileSize(hFile, NULL);
char* buffer = new char[size];
DWORD read;
ReadFile(hFile, buffer, size, &read, NULL);

jclass cls = ...;
jmethodID id = ...;

jbyteArray arr ...

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The question is: Suppose I use the function: (* env) -> GetByteArrayRegion (env, array, 0, len, (jbyte *)buf); In this case, a certain number of bytes written from the array to the buf or ...

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I have a very large char buffer in C and need to copy some part of it to a Java array. Specifically, I need the elements starting at 16,384 and ending ...

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I know how to create a jobject and would like to convert an existing char ** into a corresponding byte[][] and pass it to the jobject using JNI. How would I go ...