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Two quotes:

All of the remaining messages in the protocol take the form of <length prefix><message ID><payload>. The length prefix is a four byte big-endian value. The message ID is ...

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Hi, Originally posted by Mikael Jonasson: Try casting it. /Mike some things I have tried:

 public class AssignByteLong { public static void main(String[] args) { byte b = (byte)0xFF; long l = 0xFF; System.out.println("b = 0xFF: b = " + b); // -1 System.out.println("l = 0xFF: l = " + l); // 255 l = 0; l = b; System.out.println("l ...

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Let's assume arrays have no overhead. Each byte[]/long[] has 10*1024*128 = 1,310,720 different array values. In scenario 2 each element takes 1 byte, therefore the total is 1,310,720 bytes or 1.25MB. In scenario 1 each element takes not 1 but 8 bytes, therefore the total is 8 * 1,310,720 = 10,485,760 bytes or 10MB. Now alone this shouldn't cause an OutOfMemoryError. ...

5. What happens internally when a long is typecaseted to a byte    coderanch.com

long a = 12345678L; byte[] bytes = new byte[8]; for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) { // Get the lowest 8 bits of the long bytes[8 - i] = (byte) a; // Shift the long 8 bits to the right a >>= 8; } for (byte b : bytes) { System.out.println(b + "\t"); }

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Hi, I need an 8-byte number for my application. First I create an int and then cast it to long. After that this long number must be represented by 8 bytes, or 64 bits, in memory. As far as I know the leading zeros in its binary representation are present, even though they mean nothing. However, I need to get those ...

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This solution works but this is not what I am looking for. Imagine that you do not know the value of the byte. This byte is only a variable. And the purpose is to set this byte at the end of the long bit String, that is, the first 8 bits starting from the right. Any ideas?