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1. java image compression and reduce bytes size

I developed a mass file up loader (a swing application) recently.One of the new requirements is to support uploading thousands of documents (GIF,JPG,PNG,DOCX,XLSX), each of these are like 3MB-10MB of size ...

2. Generation if a unique id of size less than 11 bytes from a string

i am developing a piece of code to generate a unique hexadecimal value from an input string. The output size must be less than 11 bytes which comes as requirement.Can someone ...

3. Java: Find out memory size of object?

Possible Duplicate:
In Java, what is the best way to determine the size of an object?
In Actionscript I can usually just do:
var myVar:uint = 5;
//outputs ...

4. Image Size in bytes

It may be a silly question, but if all you have is a single image file, why are you using an ObjectStream? If the file has been fetched from disk it probably came in as a stream of bytes, so why not just send those bytes straight to the server and convert to an object at the server end? If this ...

5. byte size of a string?

Pourang, 1) s.length() will give you the number of bytes. Since characters are one byte (at least in ASCII), the number of characters is the same as the number of bytes. Another way is to get the bytes themselves and count them s.getBytes().length. 2) As Strings are immutable, you would need to have a 100 byte array with data on hand ...

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7. How to calculate byte size of a string

8. Formating byte size

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11. Byte size of primitive type