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I've a problem with argument type mismatch while I'm try to set a values like it is presented using generics in hard section.

 public static void Main(String... args) {


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How come there is no compiler error casting Number to List? I thought the types had to be relate.

Number k = 10;
List m = new ArrayList();
m = (List)k;

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 Shape ---------|--------- | | | | Polygon Circle | | ---------- | | | | Triangle Square legend: blue (concrete) class red interface 
 Consider the inhertance hierarchy in the diagram The base class Shape is an interface here. Polygon and Circle implement interface Shape. Triangle and Square are subclass of Polygon Now let's look at a ...

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Hi there Im not sure if this is the right place but i hope so.. I just had an idea for a language enhancement. Currently, when casting objects, we do it like this: MyObjectType castedInstance = (MyObjectType)uncastedInstance; // explicit cast to MyObjectType My idea would be, to create a casting operator, which eases this process. It would look something like '~=' ...