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1. Cast a List<> in java?

Hi is it possible to cast a List? i have an abstract class that has a method that takes some sort of List<>, iterate through it in a for loop getting each ...

2. Casting - foreach - java

I have a one method like this:

private void myMethod(List<?> myLists) {

   for (Object val : myLists) {
       val.getMyOtherMethod(); // for example

3. What happens when a ListIterator is created?

I had two classes: ParentClass and SubClass. SubClass inherit from ParentClass. I had the following code: (inside class)

List<SubClass> lstSub;

//some initialization

public ListIterator getLstIterator(int i) {
   return lstSub.listIterator(i);
And client class uses it ...

4. Method receive List of more data types as parameter

I have a method and as a parameter I send List. The method looks like this:

public static void setSanctionTypes(List<QueueSueDTO> items) {

    for (QueueSueDTO dto : items) {


5. class cast exception: java.lang.String incompatible with [Ljava.lang.Object;

What is wrong with below code ?

List<Object[]> currencies = null;
List<String> currencyList = new ArrayList<String>();

//code to fetch currency
String currencySql = "select C.Currency from Currency C";
Query currencyQuery = this.em.createQuery(currencySql);

currencies = currencyQuery.getResultList();

for (Object[] currency ...

6. cast a List to a Set

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7. List casting

8. Problem with casting List

10. class cast exception from List.toArray()