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1. mypackage.MyClass cannot be cast to mypackage.MyClass

I guess, my problem is that I have 2 jar files, both containing the same packages but some different versions of classes. They do not need each other, it just happens the VM did not unload the first jar file while I'm now using the other version (my guess). I know that "MyClass" is the same in both jar files, a ...

2. Help with "down casting"

Surely (or should that be Shirley?) it must be a fairly common situtation to not always know what the final description of an object will be. When the object is slowly built up over stages (or in Java made more specific) and at each stage there are multiple choices as to how the description can change. I would have thought that ...


Hi as you i+=d is equal to i=i+d so please explain me why the first code 'A dont work and 'B does?. A. { public class PlusExample { public static void main(String[] args) { int i = 0; double d = 1.0; i = i + d; System.out.println(i); } B . { public class PlusExample { public static void main(String[] args) ...

5. What is casting?

The real answer is that as the GUI toolkit was expanding, adding features like AffineTransforms, Composites, Strokes and rendering hints, the designers decided to express these new features in subclass Graphics2D rather than by changing the existing class Graphics so extensively. That was a choice they made. But there were still methods like paint which had a parameter of the original ...

6. casting

7. casting

8. Need Clarification about Casting in Java

Here is the question, class Alien{ String invade(short ships) { return "a few"; } String invade(short... ships) { return "many"; } } class Defender{ public static void main(String [] args) { System.out.println(new Alien().invade(7)); } } The answer is compilation fails because argument 7 needs to be cast to short. Now my doubt is that as short is 16 bit in Java ...

9. Help with Cast

I realize the following: int i = a.size(); while( i-- > 0 ) Integer[] elementRef = (Integer[])a.get( i ); but I was wondering if it would be possible to avoid the a.size() number of casts. ArrayList c = (ArrayList)a; // uncompilable int i = c.size(); while( i-- > 0 ) Integer[] elementRef = c.get( i ); Thanks.

10. Cast works wrong

11. cast

12. casting

2) Casting is used among objects which are related to each other in the inheritance tree otherwise compiler error(inconvertable types) will be thrown. How these primitives are related? since their wrapper classes are not in same inheritance tree. They are not related to each other. How is this casting possible among primitives?

13. Casting and For Each loop?

Thats exactly what I was looking for mate. Argh getting used to this Java syntax is a quiet something. I have to have two seperate methods one for setting my variable and one to get its value. In .NET you could have it so that I could get and set the property in the same method. I hope Java includes this, ...

14. Why is this cast refused?

15. casting

17. casting??

18. Casting

19. simple cast

20. Cannot cast from ActionForm to StudentForm

Are you under the impression that you can just cast from any object type to another? You can't. So unless the actual object type passed to that method really is a StudentForm object (or a subclass of StudentForm), you can't just willy-nilly cast it and expect it to work. Thanks for the reply again I think i am getting what u ...

22. Casting practice

23. casting

24. How to cast a string to color?

25. Casting Probelm. Dunno What to Do

26. Is it possible the following cast?

27. Need advice on casting...?

I have alot of these kinds of methods (see below). They all take ARRAY objects although the object they are cast to (ListElement in the example below) can be different. I am looking to write a generic method to do this. I figured i could use Class.forName() to pass in the class to cast to but i dont know what to ...

28. Unnecessary cast ?

Stretching my powers of speculation to the extreme, the person may have thought that to get B's overriding versions of methods implemented in A an overridden in B, you need to have a reference of type B. This is wrong, of course, but after putting in the do-nothing cast, and seeing the behavior he expected (B's version of the methods gets ...

29. Casting a Component as JTextComponent

/** *Filters the specified components according to their class type * *@param type The subtype of {@code Component} that should be allowed * in the returned array. *@param comps The {@code Component}s to filter. *@returns an array containing only components that are of the specified * type and in the specified array. */

30. reflective cast

Hi I'm making an equals metode, and since a few other classes are extending this class I would rather make the equals metode reflective instead of overriding it in every class. public boolean equals(Object otherObject) { if (this == otherObject) { return true; } else if (getClass().equals(otherObject.getClass())) { //instanceOf not used since a class and it's subclass cannot be equal. //need ...

31. How to make casting.....

32. Casting Problom

33. casting

34. Casting across jar boundaries

Basically: I have 2 jars, the first a driver loads classes from the test jar. There is an interface TestResult GetTestResult() that the test jar implements to return back a subtype of TestResult. i.e. IPerfTestResult extends TestResult. Later on the driver calls back into the TestJar passing the TestResult it received above and the method tries to downcast from a TestResult ...

35. Casting issue

Hello Forum, I am retrieving records from myslq database to oracle database, in mysql, i have a date field and a time field for each record, in oracle i have a timestamp field, what i am doing is extracting the two mysql fields, then parsing to a java.util.Date and finally passing that to the destination database as a type. currently ...