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1. How does a Java compiler parse typecasts?

A simple expression like

(x) - y
is interpreted differently depending on whether x is a type name or not. If x is not a type name, (x) - y just subtracts y ...

2. Is casting and parsing the same

What is the difference between an elephant and a cup of tea? They are that different. There are two kinds of casting: primitive where you change the type and maybe value of a number, and class casting where you reming the JVM which type (class) a variable is. Parsing means going through some text (String, file, etc) and working out what ...

3. Casting Versus Parsing

They are totally different. Casting means taking a variable of one type and turning it to another type. There are obviously some combinations which can be cast, and some which cannot. Parsing means reading text and deciding what the different parts of it mean. In the case of methods like Integer#parseInt(String) it needs to work out what the whole of the ...

4. Parsing vs Casting

5. Difference between casting and parsing