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1. Cast down with reflection at runtime

Considering following code

   public class A {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new A().main();


2. Casting of object for a class loaded at runtime

i load a class using Class.forName(klassname,false,loader) After this i create an instance using klass.newInstance(); It returns an object type.I want to cast it to specific type(ie.Klassnamw instance).I used normal casting ...

3. Runtime casting from String to other datatype

Hi I have Map of String values. I want to cast this value at runtime. e.g.

Map map = new HashMap();
Now runtime I know key1 is integer and key2 is double How can I ...

4. Dynamically create and cast objects at runtime

Let's say we have 2 classes A and B

public class A{

    private int member1;

    A() {
        member1 = ...

5. java: runtime equivalent of casting between numeric types

I can do this when I know the object types at compile-time:

int obj1 = 3;
float obj2 = (float)obj1;
int obj3 = (int)obj1;
short obj4 = (short)obj1;
What's the most efficient simple way to produce ...

6. How can i do Runtime Casting

Hi All, I have one collection object. It contains value or business objects of same class. But i have one problem when i want to iterate and retrive for objects from that collection object. As the collection object can contain objects of various different BO or VO class i can't know to which object i should type cast the object when ...

7. casting and calling methods in runtime

Hi All, I want to cast a class and call its method in runtime. Like suppose i got Annotation class like Annotation[] a = am.getClassAnnotations(et.getClass()); From this class i can get the name of class in which i have to cast like for(int i=0;i

8. casting problem at runtime

Terry Oliver, Welcome to JavaRanch. A ClassCastException is a runtime exception that shows that an object is being cast to a subclass of which it is not an instance. As, in the code you have used Generics. So, all the vectors can take an argument of type Vector.add(int,double) or Vector.add(double). So, here it is no chance that you can pass something ...

9. class cast exception error at runtime

10. Type cast at runtime?

ok I think I need the cast as out.println does not support printing of an object. Im sorry if it seems like a stupid question, using the reflection API is the most advanced thing I have done so far and this is my first year of work, I do find some of the concepts confusing.

12. Casting Unknown type at Runtime

I need to know if this approach is possible, please don't go off topic discussing ways around this (as I've found in other threads). I have an application (in theory) that operates as a generic communications device between various servers and clients that all send various and unrelated data to each other. If I send in some data object to this ...

13. get runtime class and cast object to it?