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1. Handle French Characters in Java

I Have a Page where I search for a term and it is displaying perfect. Whatever character type it is. Now when I have few checkboxes in JSP and I check it ...

2. displaying french characters

Make sure you set the response header to UTF-8 and that a suitable font (either one of the extended latin ones or a unicode font) is installed on the OS on the client. If the client is MS Window, I find installing the Arial Unicode MS font from an MS Office CD solves most of these problems. Francis

3. Help On French Chars

4. which unicod character is used in french for ' (e.g. in d'installation)?

0027 - APOSTROPHE 0060 - GRAVE ACCENT 0091 - undefined control character 0092 - undefined control character 00b4 - ACUTE ACCENT 2019 - RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK 02b9 - MODIFIER LETTER PRIME 02bc - MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE 02c8 - MODIFIER LETTER VERTICAL LINE 2032 - PRIME The accents go on top of the letters (even if you don't know French you ...

5. Java 1.5 having problem with French Characters

nobody has to ever deal with French characters? ahh lucky u ppl. Not French, but I did recently write a program that used Greek characters for variable names, and compiled it with 1.5 on Linux. So it's probably not a 1.5 problem, but instead a problem with your build environment. To get any help with that, your'e going to have to ...