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1. Binary to character matrix help

FYI: This is a practice homework exercise. I've been working on it, but now I'm stuck. Any tips/help would be appreciated. I've been staring at it a while and no progress ...

2. Handling a char as a byte in Java, different results

Why the two following results are different?

bsh % System.out.println((byte)'\u0080');

bsh % System.out.println("\u0080".getBytes()[0]);
Thanks for your answers.

3. Correct bubbleDown method for a binary max-heap of Characters

So in AP Computer Science, we're working with nonlinear collections, and one of our assignments was to complete a program for a binary max-heap, adding in a bubbleDown method for when ...

4. Combining Binary and Character data

Hi, I have a servlet which gets an image from an remote servlet through an URL request and stores that image in the form of an byte array. The servlet writes this image byte array directly to the response stream which displays the image properly in the browser. Now I want to send some text with the image as a response, ...

5. Adding binary chars to a String

6. Binary to char?

7. Help with Binary and Characters?

Where did you see "character can also be converted into binary". I suspect this is referring to the fact that all characters are stored as numbers. These numbers only represent characters because (at least in Java), the Unicode character set is used to determine which number maps to each character. Ultimately all data in the computer is stored as binary, so ...

9. binary data to form a character

So I have a binary file so called "Input file" . I' ve also got the "Output file", that has similar lines like this: IPX5 74002709 0312359203 133586 0,004 CU.1.IPX0 My job is to find out how I can get the output look from the input binary file according to a specification... The specification says that there are 6 parts(these are ...

10. chars to binary

Evening all. What is the best way to translate from chars to binary. for ex. a = 01100001 that would make a b = 01100001 01100010 Only way I can think of is ( ?f char = 'a' int( { b = 01100001}). But that would take alot of if statments Any help is appreciated.

11. change binary value of a char

Hi, I really need your help or maybe some idea how to change binary value of a char for example is a character 'y', its binary value is 0111 1101 but then I want to change its binary value as 0100 0010 Does someone have any idea to change it? Really appreciate any of your help..thanks a lot ^^

12. Question on char to binary conversions

I have a character read in from an input file and I need to read the binary values of the character from right to left. for example: I converted an int 128 to a character and now I need to read 10000000 (starting at the right zero) and compare it to another input.