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1. char to string

I can't seem to figure this out and maybe it's not possible but what im trying to do is make an array or the symbols like !@#$% and letters abcd... so I'm trying to just use the ASCII char codes... so i do (char)33 which is "!" and store it into an array but i want to make them strings so ...

2. universal chars in java to handle. How?

Hi, I was using the VARCHAR2 datatype in some of the columns for all my tables in my backend. This would work perfectly as long as we enter English chars from the front end(JSP). But if i try to change my language settings thru Control panel, then i could type non-english chars as well. But this would throw the exception something ...

4. strange char

If you see question marks then you have an encoding error. If you see rectangular boxes then you are using a font that cannot render the characters. I believe that your "squear sign" is the rectangular box. So the problem is with whatever you are using to look at the file. (There could also be a problem with your code that ...

5. String to char

7. string to char

8. Why is char c0 = '\258' not valid

9. simple question of char

11. How to to scan a string, char by char?

the problem with some on the xml api is that they require you to know the full quantifier. I got muiltiple xml lines in a array, i want to loop the array and strip out the tags so only the data is left. Thats why i didn't use the xml apis out there as you need to say starttag = "";, ...

12. unsigned char* to jbytearray

could anyone please tell me how I could convert an unsigned char*, which is just some binary data to jbytearray. the c++ program is being called thru JNI and hence jbytearray. or is there a cleaner way to capture whatevr I get from the C++ code, and send it as is into my java module, so I can send it out ...

13. how to add new line char in String

14. putting a char into a string

15. Add char to String

16. Setting a char to be an apostrophe

17. fscking char sets

so now the next question: if i store an ascii file as byte[] what is the best way to covert it back to a string? (dont tell me new String(byteArray) ) and the next question: i know that ill be ready alot more ascii files then binary files, so id rather not do the byte[] -> string conversion if i can ...

18. Object to char

19. char canot be derefferenced

x.concat(x + "") is just really weird. I have no idea what you're trying to do here. All I can tell you is: * x is a primitive, so it doesn't have any methods you can call. * concat is a method in the String class that returns a reference to a new String object. Whatever you're trying to do with ...

21. Accessing folders with absolute path having chars > 256

Hi, while writing a program that recurses through the dirs and subdirs to find the size of folders tha abs path to the folder became > 256 chars and I got "can't access this folder; path is too long" message. please suggest any workaround for this problem except renaming the parent folders to shorten the path length.

22. Strange behaviour of StringBuilder. Does not append the last char buffer.

Oh, I got you!! So you mean to say that at the EOF, because the buffer is not completely full, the builder.append(charBuf) does not filll the charBuf completely and thus charBuf retains the values it held earlier (towards the end of the buffer), giving the impression (while printing) that the last part has been left out. Yes, I got it now. ...

23. char not accepted