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1. What is the easiest/best/most correct way to iterate through the characters of a string in Java?

StringTokenizer? Convert the String to a char[] and iterate over that? Something else?

2. How to concatenate characters in java?

How do you concatenate characters in java? Concatenating strings would only require a + between the strings, but concatenating chars using + will change the value of the char into ascii ...

3. Valid characters for Excel sheet names

In Java, we're using the following package to programmatically create excel documents:

If you attempt to set a sheet's name (NOT file, but internal Excel sheet), you will get an error if:
  • The ...

4. How to swap String characters in Java?

How can I swap two characters in a String? For example, "abcde" will become "bacde". Thanks.

5. How can I exchange the first and last characters of a string in Java?

I am practicing over the summer to try and get better and I am a little stuck on the following:

Given a string, return a new string where ...

6. how many characters can a Java string have?

I'm trying a problem from sphere's online judge where I need to find a palindrome for a integer of up to a million digits, I thought about using java's functions for ...

7. Sets of characters

Am implementing a lexical scanner. How can i implement sets of characters? most of the character sets will be in range form i.e A-Z, h-L e.t.c. And i have to check ...

8. Is there a Java function which parses escaped characters?

I'm looking for a built-in Java functions which for example can convert "\\n" into "\n". Something like this:

assert parseFunc("\\n") = "\n"
Or do I have to manually search-and-replace all the escaped characters?

9. Why the character is corrupted when use request.getParameter() in java?

I have such a link in JSP page with encoding big5 http://hello/world?name=?? And when I input it in browser's URL bar, it will be changed to something like http://hello/world?name=%23%24%23 And when ...

10. Creating tar archive with national characters in Java

Do you know some library/way in Java to generate tar archive with file names in proper windows national codepage ( for example cp1250 ). I tried with Java tar, ...

11. up to first N characters

How do I get up to the first n characters of a string in java without doing a size check first(inline is acceptable) or risking an IndexOutOfBoundsException?

12. How to interleave a String with a character sequence

What is the best way to interleave a java String with a given character sequence. The interleave interval should be changeable. Example:

String s = " .... 0000000000000 ..."; // length random
String b ...

13. Java substring is dropping first character if zero

I am using the substring fuction in Java and what I am finding is if the first character in the substring is a zero, it is dropped from the new string. ...

14. Java - Create a new String instance with specified length and filled with specific character. Best solution?

I did check the other questions; this question has its focus on solving this particular question the most efficient way. Sometimes you want to create a new string with a specified ...

15. Can one initialise a java String with a single repeated character to a specific length

I'd like to create a function that has the following signature:

public String createString(int length, char ch)
It should return a string of repeating characters of the specified length. For example if ...

16. How do I delete the last character of a particular String in Java?

For example I'm extracting a text String from a text file and I need those words to form an array. However, when I do all that some words end with comma ...

17. Trim characters in Java

How can I trim characters in Java?

String j = “\joe\jill\”.Trim(new char[] {“\”});
j should be
String j = “jack\joe\jill\”.Trim("jack");
j should be

18. Java properties: Is there a way a key can include a blank character?

we are getting properties, we can not influence, out of a database and want to access them by a key/value mapping. We are facing the problem, that one of the property keys ...

19. Character to String representation

I need to find special escape java chars (\n, \t, \b, etc.) in a grooup of strings and then print what strings contain which special chars. So, when printing I would ...

20. Problem with javax.crypto.Cipher. Some characters are broken in dercypted string

When I am using (encrypt/decrypt) javax.crypto.Cipher class for long string, some characters in output string are invalid.

 byte[] inputBytes = str.getBytes();
 cypheredBytes = cipher.doFinal(inputString, 0, inputBytes, outputBytes, 0);
 return new ...

21. meaning of @(#) characters

In documentation code I see some things like this:

 * @(#)    1.142 09/04/01
what does characters like @(#) meaning?

22. "Path does not start with a "/" character" message exception after changing java version

I have a web application which worked with the following: Tomcat 5.0 Struts 1.0 Java 1.5 I have to switch to Java 1.6.When I tried to do that, i received the following stack of exception in ...

23. How to retrieve forbidden characters for filenames, in Java?

There are some restricted characters (and even full filenames, in Windows), for file and directory names. This other question covers them already. Is there a way, in Java, to retrieve this ...

24. Determining default character set of platform in Java

I am programming in Java I have the code as:

byte[] b = test.getBytes();
In the api it is specified that if we do not specify character encoding it takes the default platform character ...

25. Create a string with n characters

Is there a way in java to create a string with a specified number of a specified character? In my case I would need to create a string with 10 ...

26. How to detect the last character

I have a string and i want to know if the last character in my string is #

String test="test my String #";

27. How do you make a character jump, both on objects and just normal jump?

I'm kind of a beginner when it comes to java programming, and I have a project in school where I'm going to create a game much like Icy Tower. ...

28. How to modify characters in a string in Java?

Let's say we have string t. Why does the following not work:

for (int i = 0; i < t.length; t++)

29. Translating a String - character by character

How should I go about implementing a method that gets a String composed of Latin characters to translate it into a String composed of a different set of characters, let's say ...

30. Strange characters with diff-match-patch libraries

I'm using diff-match-patch ( ) to make difference between two text. At the end of the diff, they return strange characters: for example à become %C3%A0, ù %C3%B9, ...

31. non printable characters in java

Please, can you give me a list of non printable characters in java programming? Thank you in advance.

32. How to shuffle characters in a string

How do I shuffle the characters in a string (e.g. hello could be ehlol or lleoh or ...). I don't want to use the Collections.shuffle(...) method, is there anything simpler?

33. How to pick up a single character from a string using Java?

For example, "this is yahoo answers", from here I want to pick up each single character and convert it into its ASCII value. How can I do it?

34. Find different characters in two strings

How can i find different characters in the strings at same positions? Ex:

String string1 = "Anand has 2 bags and 4 apples";
String n = /* ??? */;
String n2 = /* ??? ...

35. Should we store Japanese/French and other non-ASCII characters in java source code?

I am using some Japanese/French words in some regular expressions inside my source code. I don't want to convert these into \u notation since tracking it would be difficult and might ...

36. PacMan character AI suggestions for optimal next direction

Firstly, this is AI for PacMan and not the ghosts. I am writing an Android live wallpaper which plays PacMan around your icons. While it supports user suggestions via screen touches, the ...

37. Replace/remove String between two character

I want to remove a string that is between two characters and also the characters itself , lets say for example: i want to replace all the occurrence of the string ...

38. java Runtime.exec() programm and pass character to getch()

I want to run ffmpeg from java as external process. After several minutes I want to stop it. It asks me to click 'q', and it works in console, but when I ...

39. How can I normalize the EOL character in Java?

I have a linux server and many clients with many operating systems. The server takes an input file from clients. Linux has end of line char LF, while Mac has end ...

40. How to avoid "line is longer than 80 characters" for my SVN embedded $Id$ property?

This is my file:

 * LICENSE blah-blah-blah
 * @Version $Id$
public class Foo {
This is how the file looks after svn update:
 * LICENSE blah-blah-blah
 * @Version $Id: 396 ...

41. How to find nth occurrence of character in a string?

Similar to a question posted here, am looking for a solution in Java. That is, how to find the index of nth occurrence ...

42. How to find whether a character is GB2312 in java

I would like write a java function like: if one char is not in GB2312, return false

Boolean isGB2312(String chinese) {

43. Ignoring octalescape characters in a string

Here is a sample String "one/two/three\123today" that i get from an unknown source i.e i cannot change the format of the input string that i get. I need to get the sub-string ...

44. How to make a string store 32000 characters in java?

I am very new to Java. I want to store an image pixels inside a string. But right now if the image has more than 4000 pixels I am not able to ...

45. How do I have a picture act as a game character on top of a canvas?

I have a maze game in JAVA I'm doing for a class, the maze is made on a canvas in an applet, I wanted to have another picture provided to me ...

46. Find if first character in a string is upper case, Java

In java, Find if first character in a string is upper case without using regular expression.

47. Initializing wonky characters in Java

I'm trying to use some funky characters in my Java code.

    Character c = new Character('');
(If your web browser doesn't display the character, it's "1F000 MAHJONG ...

48. How to find non-alphabets using Java

I am processing text corpus. It contains several characters belonging to different languages, symbols, numbers, etc. -> All I need to do is to skip the symbols like arrow mark, heart ...

49. Java Character Switch

What's a really easy way to switch characters around in Java? Say I have the following:

String testString = "Hello World.";

// I know this doesn't work
testString = testString.replace('o', 'e');
I want to switch ...

50. How to get a range of characters? (alphabet)

I have been working on this for hours and now Im kinda stuck....please help me. Im a complete programming handicap. All the methods work fine except the alphabet one. It will ...

51. Video Mining - Character Identification and Naming

Is there any class to add subtitles in video using JAVA?

52. How to iterate/navigate through each character in a character set (e.g., US-ASCII or IBM037, in proper sequence)?

I want to iterate through each character in a character set (primarily US-ASCII and IBM037) and then print all alphanumeric characters (or all printable characters) in the proper character set sequence. ...

53. A library to efficiently compress strings of 10-1000 characters?

I need to compress strings (written in a known but variable language) of anywhere from 10 to 1000 characters into individual UDP packets. What compression algorithms are well suited to ...

54. Get string from between two characters

I need to get string from between two characters. I have this

S= "10:21:35 |Manipulation       |Mémoire centrale   |MAJ Registre mémoire"
and it have ...

55. Why does asterisk (*) not pass as a normal character in String[] args?

Possible Duplicate:
Problem of * in Command line argument
I've written a simple attempt at a small calculator which does 4 operators (+,-,* and /). When I ...

56. Reverse characters in Java while keeping some in place

I have a String and want to reverse it so that some characters get reversed, while others remain in place. How can I implement that (e.g. lets say I want all ...

57. Break a String Buffer into 80-character Chunk

I want to create an array of string out of a StringBuffer. I need to break the buffer in every 80 characters. So first string element in the array will contain ...

58. How To Delete String1 from String2 and build a new String2 with remaining string?

I have 2 String str1 and str2 and i want to build a updated str2 with the contents which character is not present inside the str1 without using inbuilt function of ...

59. What faults are there to coding a character sheet as an enumeration?

I am working on creating a character sheet for a RPG I'm tinkering with. I figure out all the data I need the character sheet to keep, but I am not ...

60. Using XOR on Shift-JIS characters in Java

So I'm trying to write a little decryption program but I'm running into a little trouble. I'm applying XOR to the characters with 'FF' (reversing all the bits) and I'm doing that ...

61. Bad characters removal using java

Possible Duplicate:
How to remove high-ASCII characters from string like ®, ©, ™ in Java
Hi All, How to remove rectangle like unicode characters in java string. Thanks, Chaitu ...

62. How to get all the occurrence character on the prefix of string in java in a simple way?

I have a string like this: '0010' How can I get the first two zero on that sample string. The rules here is that, I have a variable which hold a character. ...

63. Substitute characters in string

I am trying to create a string which substitutes all spaces for a * but I can't figure out exactly how to do that. Can anyone help?

String phrase = new String ...

64. Retrieve characters from a string

What is the best way to get a list of characters [a-z] from a string ignoring any other special character or number?

65. Efficient way to find Frequency of a character in a String in java : O(n)

In a recent interview I was asked to write the below program. Find out the character whose frequency is minimum in the given String ? So I tried by iterating through the string ...

66. Problem with Latin character using JavaDocx

I just got JavaDocx free library two days ago. I'm trying to generate a file which has to contain Latin characters as ó, ú, etc. When I try to open the ...

67. apache commons configuration loads property until "," character

I want to load configration (apache commons configuration) from properties file. My program is: PropertiesConfiguration pc = new PropertiesConfiguration(""); System.out.println(pc.getString("myValue")); In I have ...

68. how many characters in \n JAVA?

just a quick question. I wonder how many characters count for \n (new line ) in JAVA? Because I need to fit 160 chars in one String,etc. So.. How many chars should I consider ...

69. Making Character move around circle

So I have a 2d game which normally just has gravity and "flat" levels however I have added in "planets" which have their own gravity. I have a function called addForce(float xForce, ...

70. Single character String

My opinion was, until today, that a literal like "c" creates a String object. Today I heard that Java is not creating an object for single character Strings. Is this right ...

71. Java: How is a blank character represented?

I had run a mySql query from ant, and had the output in "out.txt". In this file, right after listing the rows in the table, there is:

73. Should we keep 80 characters per line in Java?

There are lots of websites or blogs said that we should keep 80 characters per line in our program since it is relatively to display in some console environment. However, I found ...

74. How do I make a string with a " character in it? (Java)

Well that was pretty much my question, I need to do something like this:

String scriptContent = "print("Hello World")";

75. to find repetative character in string

How can I find distinct repetitive character in string using Java. For the string 4567895443577 Here, the first distinct repetitive character is 5

Ip:n:1 output:4
   n=2     op=5

76. Using a character in Switch-case

How do i use characters in switch-case? I will be getting the first letter of whatever the user inputs.

import javax.swing.*;

public class SwitCase {
    public static void main (String[] ...

77. How to retrieve only the character 'o' from a string like "hello"

I have one string e.g. "hello" but I want to get (print) only the character 'o' . thanks.

78. How to output accented characters from Java on a Mac?

I'm trying to output accented characters from java into the Console app on a mac, however they just show up as ?'s. I've tried using System.console().writer() to output as well as ...

79. What is the easiest way to generate a String of n repeated characters?

Given a character c and a number n, how can I create a String that consists of n repetitions of c? Doing it manually is too cumbersome:

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(n);
for ...

80. International characters with Java

I am building an app that takes information from java and builds an excel spreadsheet. Some of the information contains international characters. I am having an issue when Russian ...

81. How to return everything after x characters in a string

Say I had String s = "This is a loooooooooooooooong string";. Now say I want to cut off This and return everything else. How would I do this? What I'm asking ...

82. Fastest way to strip all non-printable characters from a Java String

What is the fastest way to strip all non-printable characters from a String in Java? So far I've tried and measured on 138-byte, 131-character String:

  • String's replaceAll() - slowest method
    • 517009 results / sec
  • Precompile ...

83. how to use determine if a String is actually a character in Java?

I need to check if a String is actually a character (only consists of 1 character). This is what I have so far.

Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
String str =;

84. C-like character addition in Java?

I just switched from C++ to Java. I'm trying to write a program that loops from 0 to some number less than 26. I want to get the letter of the ...

85. Adding characters to String

I'm doings some beginners task in JAVA. With the help of FOR I'm going to create two simple triangles by just adding simple characters like * to a string like this: ...

86. Total characters (not code units) of a String in Java considering Supplementary Characters

How can you obtain the total characters of a String, considering that it could have supplementary characters which takes 2 code units to be encoded. Example:

String strTest = "a"; //Supplementary character
As we ...

87. Strings java null character with nextLine()

    System.out.println("Please select a task");
    System.out.println("1: List employees with details");
    System.out.println("2: List of clients in state");

88. tokenizer null character

inputValue = "111,GOOG,20,475.0"

StringTokenizer tempToken = new StringTokenizer(inputValue, ",");

while(tempToken.hasMoreTokens() == true)
    test = token.nextToken();
It's giving me some invalid correct NULL character I started to learn stringtokenizer ...

89. Ideas on a stringChecker that checks a string for certain characters?

I am trying to check a string for certain characters. The characters are basically in a list. However, I don't know how to achieve this. The only idea I have is ...

90. How to sort alphanumeric characters in java?

I want to sort Q4,Q7,Q2,Q1 to Q1,Q2,Q4,Q7. Thanks.

91. In java how to get substring from a string till a character c?

I have a string (which is basically a file name following a naming convention) abc.def.ghi I would like to extract the substring before the first . (ie a dot) In java doc api, ...

92. trim of extra character from the dropdown box

I have one text box in the User Interface where in user is asked to key in some input , which in turn i am saving in database , which finally ...

93. Character look ahead

How would I go about making a character look-ahead method in Java? I have a text file (let's say TextFile.txt) and I need it to first read in a single character, ...

94. Conflicting character counts

I'm trying to find the number of characters in a given text file. I've tried using both a scanner and a BufferedReader, but I get conflicting results. With the use of a ...

95. concatenate a string before the last occurence of any character

I want to concatenate a string before the last occurence of any character. I want to do something like this:

addToString(lastIndexOf(separator), string);
where "ddToString" is a function that would add the "string" before the ...

96. Determine Alphabetic Order of Two Characters in Java

Is there a better way to do this?

/* Compares two characters.  
   If ch1 is alphabetically smaller than ch2, return true
   If ch1 is equal ...

97. Weird character when doing string return of the pound symbol?

I get a weird symbol when doing a string return in java that include the pound sign as a character. How do i resolve this? I am building a java program that ...

98. Java library to match characters against a given language

Is there a java library that will allow me to test whether a given set of characters match against a given language code or not? I need as many languages that ...

99. How to determine if a String has non-alphanumeric characters?

I need a method that can tell me if a String has non alphanumeric characters. For example if the String is "abcdef?" or "abcdefà", the method must return true.

100. Junk Character

Hi We have text box field users are copying the data from the word document and pasting into textbox . after saving which is generating some junk characters . every time ...