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1. Charset and special characters

Hi Sean, Can you please give the screen shot , as well as the special character with which you have the problem. Because when ever we try to display character like '>' we use "& gt" So I think you need to convert your special code in this form to read this. Regards Binaya

3. An annoying problem with a rare character in gb2312 (Chinese charset)

Hi, everyone! I get a very annoying proble with a rare character in gb2312 charset and need your generous help very much. I am writing a project to crawl a series of webpages and extract some specific information on it. I don't save the webpage on my local disk but just open them online and extract the information that I am ...

4. How to construct maximal char sequence using some Charset

In general you can't. Consider UTF-8. Each character encodes as 1,2,3 or 4 bytes! Of course, any fixed length encoding (e.g. ISO-8859-1)is trivial to deal with. I think, it is not trivial. At first, I don't know, what the charset is. It is trivial if I know that it will always be particular charset, e.g. US-ASCII. For US-ASCII I know, that ...