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1. Java: convert a char[] to a CharSequence

What is the most direct and/or efficient way to convert a char[] into a CharSequence?

2. Convert HTML Character Back to Text Using Java Standard Library

I would like to convert some HTML characters back to text using Java Standard Library. I was wondering whether any library would achieve my purpose?

 * @param args the command line ...

3. How to convert UTF-8 character to ISO Latin 1?

I need to convert a UTF-8 trademark sign to a ISO Latin 1, and save it into database, which is also ISO Latin 1 encoded. How can I do that in java? I've ...

4. Convert single char in String to lower case

I like to 'guess' attribute names from getter methods. So 'getSomeAttribute' shall be converted to 'someAttribute'. Usually I do something like

String attributeName = Character.toLowerCase(methodName.indexOf(3)) 

5. Convert ANSI characters to UTF-8 in Java

Is there a way to convert an ANSI string to UTF using Java. I have a custom serializer that uses readUTF & writeUTF methods of the DataInputStream class to deserialize and serialze ...

6. problem with valueOf(), converting a char to Character in Java

I'm trying to convert a char to Character before it gets pushed on a stack but get a "cannot find symbol error", I don't see what the problem might be. This ...

7. How to convert non-supported character to html entity in Java

Some character not support by certain charset, so below test fail. I would like to use html entity to encode ONLY those not supported character. How, in java?

public void testWriter() throws ...

8. Java: Converting a char to a string

I have just done this in eclipse:

String firstInput = removeSpaces(myIn.readLine());
String first = new String(firstInput.charAt(0));
However, eclipse complains that:
The constructor String(char) is undefined
How do I convert a char to a ...

9. How to convert accented letters to regular char in Java

How do I convert Æ and á into a regular English char with Java ? What I have is something like this : Local TV from Paraná. How to convert it ...

10. Java: Convert String "\uFFFF" into char

Is there a standard method to convert a string like "\uFFFF" into character meaning that the string of six character contains a presentation of one unicode character?

11. Converting HTML character encoding in Java

We are trying to download source of webpages, however we cannot see some specific characters -like ü,ö,?,ç- propoerly due to character encoding. We tried the following code in order to convert ...

12. Strange behaviour when converting string to UTF-8 character

I have datatype stored as blob (XML) in Oracle DB. I am retrieving this column and converting to byte[] and then to string. I do some string operations and converting it to ...

13. How to convert a sequence of character to UTF-8 in Java?

Sorry for asking basic questions here. Pardon me. I have a sequence a string in this in unicode as follows.

String unicode = "\u8BF7\u5728\u6B64\u5904\u8F93\u5165\u4EA7\u54C1\u7F16\u53F7\u6216\u540D\u79F0";
How can I convert this to Chinese text or the ...

14. How do I convert special characters using java?

I have strings like:

Avery® Laser & Inkjet Self-Adhesive
I need to convert them to
Avery Laser & Inkjet Self-Adhesive.
I.e. remove special characters and convert html special chars to regular ones.

15. How to change HEX value to EBCDIC char

What is the simplest way to convert HEX value to ebcdic char type in Java e.g. The example below will return at sign but I would like to get ebcidic equivalent i.e. ...

16. convert char[] to String in btrace

I'm profiling application with btrace ( and faced with limitation. I try to get a name of current java.lang.Thread. Normaly you can call getName() but it's forbidden in btrace-scripts (any calls ...

17. How to convert string with ISO-8859-1 characters in Oct to normal form in Java

I have string with ISO-8859-1 characters in Oct (\350, ...). How to convert them to normal form, for example "\350" -> "è" in Java?

18. Converting non-english latin characters to english equivilents

I need to compare the names of European places that are written using the extended latin alphabet - there are lots of central and eastern european names that are written with ...

19. JAVA - how can i convert a string (UTF-8) to its hexa representation characters?

I want to take a string (possibly in Hebrew or Chinese) and build a new string that includes the hexx representation of the characters (%ab%cd%ef...). Thanks

20. Problem converting C/C++ unsigned char to JAVA

The problem with unsigned char. I am reading a PPM image file which has data in ASCII/Extended ASCII. For a character, eg. '†' , In JAVA, after reading it as char ...

21. Converting strings to uppercase and using char at method

i need to convert the first letter of a string of names to uppercase and using the charat method but not sure how to use the char at method

22. Converting a char to uppercase

    String lower = Name.toLowerCase();
int a = Name.indexOf(" ",0);
String first = lower.substring(0, a);
String last = lower.substring(a+1);
char f = first.charAt(0);
char l = last.charAt(0);
how would i get the F and ...

23. What's the best way to convert binary data to character data?

I want convert a File(.jpg image file) into a txt file(ASCII code) now, I had two plans, convert file bytes to Hex,and to Base64

  File file=new File("D:/temp/1.jpg");
  byte[] bytes=getBytesFromFile(file);

24. Automate conversion of special chars to utf-8

I have a properties file in this format attribute1=ó The problem is I need to convert ó to utf-8 so it can be displayed by java so ó becomes \u00F3 My properties file becomes - ...

25. Java libraries for converting between character encodings

The problem I am looking to solve is converting between unicode storage types. As I understand it, one character in UTF-8 can be represented by 1 to 4 bytes of data ...

26. Converting char *tab[10] to java object (JNI)

I am trying to use a C API in java using JNI. I'm not a C programmer... Here is the C "object" I have to convert : char *tab[10] First, I'm not sure ...

27. how to convert a char from alphabetical character to hexadecimal number in java

how to convert a char from alphabetical character to hexadecimal number in java a if any one have any built-in method in java that does the job or if you have your ...

28. java character conversion question

I am using:

InputStreamReader isr = new InputStreamReader(fis, "UTF8");
to read in characters from a text file and converting them to UTF8 characters. My question is, what if one of the characters being read ...

29. How convert unsigned char to jbyteArray

How do I convert a unsigned char buffer to a jbyteArray? I need get a C++ buffer and returns to Java through JNI. This is my current code to do that.

JNIEXPORT jbyteArray ...

30. How to convert non-printable character or string to hex?

I have String which contain the next hex presentation: "5f e8 d0 7b c0 f7 54 07 fb e4 20 f5 b8 10 67 a9" You understand that this is just hex and ...

31. Convert character value to hexa in java

I have method to covert character to haxa like

private static String convert(char str)
        StringBuffer ostr = new StringBuffer();

32. Convert ICU4C byte to java char

I am accessing an ICU4C function through JNI which returns a UChar * (i.e. unicode character array).... I was able to convert that to jbyteArray by equating each member of the ...

33. CharsetICU java example for char set conversion

I need to convert a file from EBCDIC (IBM 937) to UTF-8. Any idea how I can use the CharsetICU (icu4j API) for charset conversion?

34. how to avoid memory wastage when storing UTF-8 characters (8 bit) in Java character (16 bit). two in one?

I'm afraid I have a question on a detail of a rather oversaturated topic, I searched aroudn a lot, but couldn't find a clear answer to that specific obvious -imho- important, ...

35. java: convert a string to a string that contains the hex number of each character

I have a string that actually each byte in it is a representation of a hexadecimal number. I want to create a new string that contains the actual hexadecimal numbers of each ...

36. Java JNI - Convert unsigned char * to jcharArray

I have an unsigned char * in my VC++ code and now I want to convert it into jcharArray so that I can return it to my java code. This unsigned char ...

37. insert a character in a string at a certain position

I'm getting in an int 6 digit value but I want to display it as a String with decimal point (.) at 2 from the end of int. I wanted to ...

38. java string unicode code point convert to character

Ok, so I feel like this question for asked many times but I am not able to find an answer. I am comparing two different files that were generated by two ...

39. Converting % encoded characters to "normal" values

I am reading text files (RDF) using the NxParser library. I am getting lots of 'percent encoded' characters. My question is two fold:

  1. Should I save the words with the encoding and 'decode' ...

40. How to convert Japanese half/full width characters using ICU Library

i am not too familiar with java (coming from c++/c#). I have a need for to use java in order to convert some documents from halfwidth japanese charaters to full width. ...

41. Convert HTML character code to char in Java

Our XML feed gives us encoded UTF-8 characters inside ISO-8859-1 a file. This is being fed into the database. So the text is ISO-8859-1 encoded and contains following stuff:

Is there a ...

42. Separating Unicode ligature characters

Throughout the vast number of unicode characters, there are some that actually represent more than one character, like the U+FB00 ligature ? for two 'f' characters. Is there any way easy ...

43. Parse a substring?

I'm trying to convert the first two characters of a String using the parseInt method but I cannot. It's supposed to look like this:

String firstChars = IntMessage.substring(0,2);// firstChars is a ...

44. How to convert ASCII code (0-255) to the associated character?

I have an int int the range 0-255, and I want to create a String (of length 1) so that the ASCII value of this single character is the specified integer. Is ...

45. Converting List to char[] and then to String

I've tried the following:

List<Character> randomExpression = new ArrayList<Character>();
String infixString = new String(randomExpression.toArray());
But this won't work because there is no String conctructor with an Object[] parameter.

46. Java character conversion

So basically I'm trying to convert characters from ISO-8859-2 to windows-1250. Unfortunately none of the java encoder/decoder classes seemed to solve my problem. What I'm doing at the moment is:

str = str.replace("?", ...

47. Converting unprintable characters to printable characters in Java using ISO8859_15_FDIS

I have the following code :

System.out.println(new String("–’".getBytes("ISO8859_15_FDIS")));
The two characters in the first String are:
  • – (96 in hex)
  • ’ (92 in hex)
The output of the code is:
Which is to be expected as

48. How to convert a char to a string in Java?

I have a char and I need a String. How do I convert from one to the other?

49. How to convert numbers stored as two character ASCII strings to binary?

I have numbers written as ASCII codes each of 2 bytes which wastes a lot of the space. I want to convert those number to their corresponding ASCII code to save ...

50. SWIG Convert unsigned char* to 20 byte buffer Java structure

I have a C function (composeKey) that has an input unsigned char* parameter ("key"). On the C side, "key" needs to be an empty 20 byte buffer structure. I'm ...

51. converting Native Characters to Unicode

Hi all I need to convert the characters entered by user in any language through GUI Interface into Unicode before it is saved to a property file and again want to convert it into native(entered earlier by user) characters before displaying to user . Plese let me know the solution for this conversion. I m using Struts . Thanks Vikasids

53. How to convert a character into unicode

I have an arabic font available at my System. Now I want to convert a particular arabic word into unicode value. what I mean to ask in arabic say I wrote Salam and its unicode equivalaent is 0640 641064206410643 where 0640=S,0641=a,0642=l and 0643=m (all these values are assumptions not real one). Is there any class available in java which can get ...

54. Convert object to char primitive

What kind of Object is it? Is it an instance of the Character wrapper class? If so, you can call the charValue() method to get a char primitive. If not, you need to provide some more detail. For instance, what request are you talking about? If possible, you should post some code to illustrate what you are trying to do. Layne ...

55. convert String to char

56. convert Hex to Char or Dec

57. Converting special characters to hex code

I have an Excel sheet, which I am reading using Apache POI. After it is read from the excel file using the Java utility it is applied into some objects in documentum. The content in Excel sheet can contain some special characters like , etc. The requirement is that if any special character is encountered, it needs to be converted ...

58. Converting objects to char

I have created my own Queue class, along with a Linear Linked list class, and a node class. A Linear Linked list contains Nodes, with a single character as a value, and a link pointing to the next node. The Queue class just contains a Linear Linked list. Now, I store each character in a node by using the new Character() ...

59. Character conversion problem

I've written an app that's a wrapper for rsync and one of its functions is to get a file listing from the server and see if the files exist on the local machine. My problem is with filenames that have accented characters. , etc On linux with unicode support it works fine and rsync -r lists the file as: JrgHardt.rcd ...

60. conversion of hex value to char

Hi all, I need the character value for these hex values..... public static char[] INVALID_CHARS = { '"', ',', '<', '=', '>', '\u0000', '\u0001', '\u0002', '\u0003', '\u0004', '\u0005', '\u0006', '\u0007', '\u0008', '\u0009', '\n', '\u000b', '\u000c', '\r', '\u000e', '\u000f', '\u0010', '\u0011', '\u0012', '\u0013', '\u0014', '\u0015', '\u0016', '\u0017', '\u0018', '\u0019', '\u001a', '\u001b', '\u001c', '\u001d', '\u001e', '\u001f', '\u007f', '\u0080', '\u0081', '\u0082', '\u0083', '\u0084', '\u0085', ...

61. character encoding (unicode to utf-8) conversion problem

I have run into a problem that I can't seem to find a solution to. my users are copying and pasting from MS-Word. My DB is Oracle with its encoding set to "UTF-8". Using Oracle's thin driver it automatically converts to the DB's default character set. When Java tries to encode Unicode to UTF-8 and it runs into an unknown character ...

62. char to string conversion

63. How do I convert a String to a char?

64. Automatic conversion of the byte, short and char

My Java Cert book states this... For unary operators, if the operand is a byte, short or char, it is converted to an in (unless the op is ++ or --) The unary operators are +, -, ++, --, ~ So given this look at the following code byte a = 100; byte b = +a; This will flag an error ...

66. Converting string into a char

Hi... I want to change a string into a char... so I am going to use the charAt function... and I am not sure what I am doing... so I include the method where I am trying to convert it... the *** indicates where I am trying to use the charAt function... Thx Rich private void deposit(){ String accounttype; double depositamt; ...

67. converting char to String

68. How to convert a character into unicode

I have an arabic font available at my System. Now I want to convert a particular arabic word into unicode value. what I mean to ask in arabic say I wrote Salam and its unicode equivalaent is 0640 641064206410643 where 0640=S,0641=a,0642=l and 0643=m (all these values are assumptions not real one). Is there any class available in java which can get ...

69. Why does primitive conversion involving "char" always require explicit cast?

Why does primitive conversion involving "char" always require explicit cast? When I do a conversion from byte->char and vice versa it always requires cast. If I had done this with byte->int and vice versa then only conversion "int to byte" would have reqired explicit cast (as narrowing primitive conversion): Conversion char to byte and vice versa public class Question02d { public ...

70. Converting a String to Character

I'm curious what is the most efficient means of converting from a String to Charcter and if I'm even doing it correctly. I'm reading a line of input and then trying to determine whether or not a specific Character is a digit or not. Assuming the user inputs 3*5+3, I'm trying to determine what is a digit and what is an ...

71. Convert Number To Character String Representation

He needs to turn: 32 -> thirty-two 75 -> seventy-five It's not too complicated. You can use the String method toCharArray to convert the string to an array of chars. Then you need to work your way through the array. A clever way to do it would be to have an array for each unit: String[] tens = {"ten", "twenty", "thirty", ...

72. How to convert a string to char?

74. Converting Chars to Strings

Ok, this is really frustrating. According to the api, I can use the toString method to convert chars to strings so I can use the equals method to compare the strings. Problem code: (inside a loop) if (tempGrade.equals(validGrades[z])) { found = true; tempGrade and validGrades[] both contain chars, and I want to compare them. I get this compile error when it's ...

75. Converting an Object to a Character?

76. convert String to char

The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way. - ...

77. Convert String to char and determining

Hi Gary, You cannot cast a String to char. This will give you a compile time error. Why dont you make 'grade1' of type String instead of char. If for some reason you have to cast it from String to char type, than I would suggest using the toCharArray() method in the String class. The method will return you a new ...

78. convert character to ascii and back

79. converting a character into a number

Hi John, Welcome to JavaRanch! How you would do this depends on a couple of things. If there are only a few rates, then the easiest thing to do just looks like char code = ... double rate; if (code == 'M') rate = 0.04; else if (code == 'S') rate = 0.03; else rate = 0.02; On the other hand, ...

80. convert to utf encoded characters

81. Convert char to byte, without loss of information

Hi, I get from an archive-server via http a string with archive-data(legacy-system). The smallest part of a string is char (charAt(y)). char is 2 bit long and byte in 2 bit long. In java a byte has the range from -128 to 127. In the return-String from the server are values greater than 127. For example 192. So if I cast ...

82. Converting &characters to character equivalent

I edited your message so that the $amp;rsquo; shows up as you originally intended. There are doubtless many third-party tools which do this for you, although I can't name one offhand. Maybe someone can recommend something. You could do this yourself using regular expressions to find the HTML entities and a table of substitution chracters that you set up ahead of ...

83. Convert number to character of that value

How do I convert say int num = 65; to a character value of "A" that is the decimal 65 is the letter A in Ascii. I need to know how to force this conversion. I tried char c; c = (char)num; the compiler refuses to do the convert. Note I do not want the digits 6 and 5, I want ...

84. How to convert set to char[]?

By "set", I am assuming that you mean one of the collections. If I am wrong, ignore the rest... The toArray() method that takes a parameter, takes an Object array. A char array while an object is not an instance of Object array -- hence, you'll get a compile error. This is actually a good thing, because since a collection only ...

85. how to convert char to interger

87. how to convert from string("a") to char..

String y = "Y"; char y_char = y.charAt(0); And if the string is bigger than 1 letter you can do the same thing with a loop or break up the string and send it into a character array with the following: String y = "hello"; char[] array = y.toCharArray(); array = {'h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o'}

88. Conversion from byte[] to char[]

I guess that byte array contains text in a certain character encoding, and you want to make characters out of it. Michael's solution converts the byte values to numeric strings. So if the bytes would have the values 65, 66, 67, the string would become "656667". Is that what you want? Vikram's solution directly casts the bytes to chars. This assumes ...

89. Char Conversion

90. simple code ! char conversion

package codes; public class CharConversion { public void formBitMapChar93() { int unicodeValue = 0 ; String stInputValue = "F0"; try { unicodeValue = Integer.parseInt(stInputValue,16); System.out.println( "unicodeValue in integer = "+unicodeValue); System.out.println("unicodevalue in char = "+(char)unicodeValue); } catch(Exception e) { System.out.println(" NumberFormatException occured in formBitMapChar93() "+e); } } public static void main(String args[]) { CharConversion objCharConversion = new CharConversion(); objCharConversion.formBitMapChar93(); } } ...

91. Convert from char to byte?

92. Convert special characters to readable ones

Hi, I am getting an error, which says The character '' is an invalid character. Actually i am trying to create an xml from the data that comes from the database. In that data this character is there and it is not accepting this. The data comes from a different language. I tried using UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 for the encoding, but ...

93. Convert char to unicode

94. Converting char[] to byte[]

Hi i was trying to convert from char[] to a byte[] (with out using String class). i was unable to find any API which does this... then i written a sample code which converts from char[] to byte[]... it works... String test ="vanakam"; char[] go = test.toCharArray(); byte[] byteMama = new byte[go.length]; for(int i=0;i

96. Problem converting C/C++ unsigned char to JAVA

HI All, I searched the forum for an answer, but could not get through. Any help is greatly appreciated. The problem with unsigned char. I am reading a PPM image file which has data in ASCII. For a character, eg. '' , In JAVA, after reading it as char and typecasting into int its value is 8224. In C/C++, after reading ...

97. convert first character of string to uppercase

My only concern with writing complicated-looking code is: Sure, I understand it when I write it - but two years from now when the VP of the company is standing at my desk wondering why things are not working and I am in a mad dash to fix it.....will it make sense to me then?

99. How to convert a String to char

100. Convert Char To String

You've already got a method to do the conversion for you, getGender(). I recommend that you change method to allow it to accept a char parameter, and inside of the method, test the parameter's value as you are trying to do with the gender String. Note that the gender String has no business inside of this method since you will use ...