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1. Incompatible type for method. Can't convert java.lang.String to char.

Hi I have an input file , the java program reads every input record and should look for { and } . If it finds { it should replace it with ( and if it finds } it should replace it with ) So i have added this line to do it :- /* read first line from input file */ ...

2. char conversion to uppercase

Hello all I am new to java and am having a problem with a particular part of my code : //Constructor public CarRental (String initialCustomerName, String initialMake, char initialRatingKey) { customerName=initialCustomerName; make=initialMake; ratingKey=initialRatingKey; switch(initialRatingKey) { case 's': initialRatingKey=initialRatingKey.toUpperCase(); case 'c': initialRatingKey=initialRatingKey.toUpperCase(); case 'u': initialRatingKey=initialRatingKey.toUpperCase(); case 't': initialRatingKey=initialRatingKey.toUpperCase(); case 'b': initialRatingKey=initialRatingKey.toUpperCase(); } } What I am trying to do is to convert ...

3. Character conversion question

Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to convert 2 or 3 integers to a unicode character? What I mean is the following; When I have 3 int values say, 226, 130 and 172 These values represent the unicode Euro sign. So the question is how to get there. Thanks in advance, Ge

4. Converting first character of String variable to capital.

Hello there, I've been learning about Java for a while now, and have a bit of a problem I'm not even sure can be solved. I'm making a quick text based game for a friend who writes the story, but can't write the code. I am hoping to have a part where the player enters their name using Scanner and next ...

5. Convert Character to String

6. Converting Chars to 8 -bit binary.

See Integer and its "bitstring" methods (you need to left pad the resulting strings, however). Also, don't forget, that java chars are 2 byte chars, so what are you to do with the characters? Split every one into two bytes? Only use one byte for those characters that will fit into one byte? Always only use the second byte? Restrict allowable ...

7. convert 30 char of ascii to binary

import*; public class TexttoBinary { private static final int maxBytes = 3; public static void main(String[] args) { BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; do { try { System.out.print("Type the number to parse: "); int number = Integer.parseInt(in.readLine()); int Bit; String result = ""; for (int i = maxBytes*8; i >= 0; i--) { Bit = 1 << i; if ...

8. convert character into its Ascii value

10. Why char cannot convert to short?

A quick guideline to know if primitive type A can convert to a primitive type B directly is the following: Let be DA the set of values that can be stored in a variable of type A. Let be DB the set of values that can be stored in a variable of type B. You can convert directly from type A ...

11. How do I convert accented characters to text (convert to ?)

Hi, have a smal problem, I don't now how to convert accented characters to text. In my app I download a webpage that I parse and sometimes it's accented characters like Gonzlez Irritu So I just want to have this in plain text, someone know how to solve this in an easy way? (Maybe I need to convert special characters as ...

12. User input String convert it to char ?

My problem is how to convert what the user have entered after a system in and convert it from String to an char ! and then I have to check if the char the user have inputed is smaller than 71 = G - Becouse he is only allowd to enter from A to F. Thank you !

13. Converting character codes to characters

14. Convert from byte to char

I did this at work and I don't have the code here, but I think you can do something like FileReader fr = new FileReader(file, "UTF-16"); and that will read UTF-16 characters. If you don't have a file, and all you've got is a byte[], you can do this using a bytearrayinputstream and an InputStreamReader

15. Converting char value to unicode

17. char convert to String

18. how convert ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) to char

19. Converting Binary String to Characters?

Hi! I have a string consist of binary 1 and 0. I would like to convert this string into a character ( english ) I tried to convert the string " Test string conversion " to binary and am able to do that. But now i have a binary string and i cant get back the char string. Heard something about ...

21. Needing help with CONVERT(CHAR(11))

22. Converting a character to a number

23. converting char[] to String

24. How to convert char to string

25. UTF-8 reading and converting to proper characters.

I have a URL Stream , and when I read it, I am reading bytes. Those bytes mkeup UTF-8 variable length encoded characters. I would like to create a string containing, readable, printable, searchable manipulatable characters (Unicode). How is this achieved ? At the moment, I am building a string where every byte of the UTF-8 stream is a unicode character, ...

27. Converting strings with line feeds to a single line with identifying chars

Yes, I guess I didnt insepct it deep enough but it makes sense those are already in there? But I have some routine that reads in string data from a DB that is broken up into multiple line feeds and am extracting to a file which I obiously one as one line.

28. Convert Char To String

29. Converting HTML character to readable character

As part of a program I am writing I need to convert HTML formatted characters (&) into their readable equivalents (&). I understand that after stripping the &, #, and ; from the HTML and converting the numbers to an int I can cast the int as a char to get the appropriate character. int num = 38; (char)num; will return ...

30. convert a char to a digit

Thanks very much for the time. The idea is liken to the cell phone. If i want to type a word, it is represented by pressing certain keys (2-9). What I am getting at is if I were to type a word say: love, I want to associate the letters of the word love to a set of numbers eg: If ...

31. Converting Chinese Characters from UTF-8 to GB2312

Then what is the point of converting to GB2312 if you inform the recipient that it is encoded as something other than GB2312? - The page that i am doing is to be an add-on module to a portal so i am unable to change any of the meta tag information. However, the data from this page is to be fed ...

33. Char conversion

I don't think it's a char array. It doesn't start with a "[". Unless the OP cut that out? The "C@1c5ba5c" is a value produced by an object of type C when its toString method is called (which often happens implicitly -- for example, you call System.out.println on the array, then println calls toString) if it doesn't already have a toString ...

34. Convert Chinese char from simplified to traditional in html page as 有

I have a .html file created be FrontPage. The encoding was automatically set to Windows1252 (I did not pay attention). I did not change it. I can manually edit it to include Chinese characters, without problem. But the Chinese characters in the files are special code, something like: There is not problem to edit them or showing them using FrontPage, ...

35. How to convert Character to equivalent Hexadecimal character

Hi, I have a String having UTF-8 characters. I want to replace this unicode character with its equivalent Hexadecimal character code. Similar to this website (which I think uses javascript to do this) If you put Bnh Nhng' and press "Characters to Dec, Hex Codes" button, it shows the result 'Bnh Nhng' Exactly the same thing, I want to do ...

36. how to convert html hex code of a character to corresponding character

sorry i mean to say. I have string in english and i want to convert it to any other(target) language may be german, russian or any else. suppose I have html hex codes for russian like given in following link [|character codes] then how can i convert each english character to russian character from available russian hex code . thanks ISO-8859-1 generates question mark (?)

Actually I think that's invalid UTF-8. Presumably the next is the < character. Where's this data coming from? You could skip the first three bytes from the FileInputStream, but it would be nice to know what's causing them to be bad. The problem with the simple work-around is that the rubbish bytes might go away one day.

79. Help converting ascii to char