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1. Java: How to decode HTML character entities in Java like HttpUtility.HtmlDecode?

Basically I would like to decode a given Html document, and replace all special chars, such as "&nbsp" -> " ", ">" -> ">". In .NET we can make use of HttpUtility.HtmlDecode. ...

2. Character Decoders in Java

Where can I find some character decoders for the non-officially supported charsets? I.e. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, surely someone must have already written some decoders for their own ...

3. Decode MS Office double quote character?

I need to decode and encode the MS Office double quote character. I used escape and unescape function in JS to escape the MS Office double quote character. But i couldn't ...

4. How to decode quotable chars (from quotable to a char)?

I have a text with quoted-printables. Here is an example of such a text (from a wikipedia article):

If you believe that truth=3Dbeauty, then surely=20=

5. Character encoding in Excel spreadsheet (and what Java charset to use to decode it)

I am using the JExcel library to read excel spreadsheets. Each cell on the spreadsheet may contain localization strings in any of something like 44 languages (English, Portugese, French, Chinese, ...

6. Encoding and Decoding HTML characters

7. Character decoding in Java

Guys, I need a small help in decoding chineese characters in Java. I'm using oracle as database and in the registration page, I'm entering chineese letters and it gets stored in the database in an encoded form. Now while I want to retrieve it and show some report, I'm not able to decode it. Can anyone please help me with this. ...

8. Character Encoding and decoding

Reason is: Input is from web browser then the transaction reaches weblogic where the japanese character is converting into UTF-8. from web logic the UTF-8 converted japanese character reached websphere Business integration(WBI 4.3 with jdk1.4), then its inserting into Oracle table through insert query. The issue is, Oracle Apps or fornt end is unable to get this japanese character inserted by ...

9. decode binary to characters

Hey guys i just need a little help, i have created a java program to read binary from an external file eg, input.txt, and the notation is as follows 00000001 00000100 so all the binary is on one line separated by a space, now my program currently reads the binary values and prints them onto the screen, which is fine, the ...

10. Html character decode in java

Dear All, Am reading some content from XML file. In that, some special charcters are encoded (eg. " " - space and some codes for &,% etc.) my aim is to read the xml and display the content in human readable. How can i convert those codes to equivalent characters? Please give your valuable inputs.

11. Decoding HTML Characters

Ger, In order to read a stream correctly you must know it's charset (i.e. it's encoding) beforehand. So how might one figure out which charset? 1. check the RSS document itself. If it's XML it's odds-on that it's got a charset statement in the top. 2. failing that, check the website you're taking the RSS feed from for the technical details. ...

12. Extra characters getting appended after decoding

// byte[] b1 = Arrays.copyOf(b0, idx); return new String(b0, "UTF-8"); } But if i decode "=C2=A365=20sheetal " to 65 sheetal..,the decode is proper but it is adding extra characters like 65 sheetal?????? at the end . How can i make my decode function not to add extra characters?OR HOW CAN I JUST SAVE "65 sheetal " THIS VALUE?? THANKX

13. decode HTML escaped character references

@hugoT - thanks for the link to the list ... ... but eh .. I really don't want to do this myself, if there's a public library that will do it for me ... something like ... I send a string over, full of escaped character references, and get a nice and human readable string back. this kind of bread and ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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