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1. Method to substitute foreign for English characters in Java?    stackoverflow.com

In PHP I would use this:

$text = "Je prends une thé chaud, s'il vous plaît";
$search = array('é','î','è'); // etc.
$replace = array('e','i','e'); // etc.
$text = str_replace($search, $replace, $text);
But the Java String method ...

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I have an UTF8 encoded string which contains Japanese and Roman characters. I want to identify which characters are Japanese and which are Roman? How to identify?

3. Removing non english characters from my string input source    forums.oracle.com

Guys, I have problem where I need to remove all non english (Latin) characters from a string, what should be the right API to do this? One I'm using right now is: s.replaceAll("[^\\x00- x7F]", "");//s is a string having chinese characters. I'm looking for a standard Solution for such problems, where we deal with multiple lingual characters. TIA Nitin

4. Reading characters other than english in java    forums.oracle.com

hi, In my application, I want to write a java program to read characters in different languages..., i.e. a user can type anything in various langauges. The characters can be single byte or double byte for example a string like "123adads/hZkjkk444" which i want to read in my java program. I tried reading a simple chinese string by writing a sample ...