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1. What are all the escape characters in Java?

I know some of the escape characters in Java, e.g.

\n : Newline
\r : Carriage return
\t : Tab
\\ : Backslash
Is there a complete list somewhere?

2. Escape char problem while generating JavaScript page through Java code?

I am generating JavaScript pages through Java code like:

FileOutputStream fs=new FileOutputStream("C:\\Documents and Settings\\prajakta\\Desktop\\searcheng.html");
OutputStreamWriter out=new OutputStreamWriter(fs);
out.write("<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'>");
out.write("var str=new String('C:\\Documents and  Settings\\prajakta\\Desktop\\substr.html');");
out.write("var beg=str.lastIndexOf('\\');");//double' \' **Problem Stmt**
And so ...

3. How to write escape character to string?

How to write escape character "\" to string?

4. When escaping a string with HTML entities, can I safely skip encoding chars above Unicode 127 if I use UTF-8?

When outputting a string in HTML, one must escape special characters as HTML entities ("&<>" etc.) for understandable reasons. I've examined two Java implementations of this: org.apache.commons.lang.StringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml(String) net.htmlparser.jericho.CharacterReference.encode(CharSequence) Both escape all characters above Unicode code ...

5. unescape unicode from input

I am reading line by line from standard input with Scanner, then i print these lines to standard output. But, i need to convert escaped Unicode characters like \u00fd to actual ...

6. Java Runtime exec() fails to escape characters properly

This might already been answered before but that was regarding unicode and I don't think this is unicode (it's in ASCII so...). When I execute this in my terminal there is no ...

7. Illegal Escape Character "\"

i want to get the name at the final of a link so i did that

if( invName.substring(j,k).equals("\")){

8. replacing special chars with .replaceAll

Hello I want to replace the following chars within a string

String a = "20001=EDTS~^20002=USA~^20003=1170871875~^20004=1~^20005=0~^773=~^665=~^453=2~^448=0A";    
String x  = a.replaceAll("~^", "");
however my output is:
So clearly something is up! I have ...

9. Escaping libraries for Java using character streams

Are there any HTML/JavaScript escaping libraries for Java that have a character stream interface?

10. Transform a String with unicode escaped character to normal string (without escaped characters)

Is there something already done to do the following. What I need is a utility class that already implements convertEscapedUTFStringToNormalString for this example or if there isn't something done then how ...

11. How do I print escape characters in Java

When I have a string such as:

String x = "hello\nworld";
How do I get Java to print the actual escape character (and not interpret it as an escape character) when using System.out? For ...

12. Escape special characters in java

I have a text file having | (pipe) as the separator. If I am reading a column and the column itself also contains | then it while separating another column is ...

13. escaping special characters in java

I'm developing a web application in which i get a string from a JSON object , **now what i need is to escape the special characters in that string**, can anyone ...

14. Escape character for double quote

15. Parsing escape characters

Hi there I am busy building a translator for the website here at work. I now have the strings that need to be translated, but I need to parse them to get them into a more user friendly format. So I have the string "'hello '. CATNAME . ' rachel\'s cat'" For php, I need to keep the single quotes that ...

16. Does anyone know if there is an escape character that represents a space?

By escape character do you mean similar to \n, \r, or do you mean a unicode character like \u0763. If you mean like \n, I don't think so and can't think of a reason for it. If you mean like a unicode character, then yes and you should be able to search for a unicode list. You might also mean for ...

17. Does anyone know if there is an escape character that represents a space?

Cheers guys. Yeah, I hit the wrong button. (I was wondering why I had to enter the message subject again... ) There are no double apostrophes in the properties file, hence leading spaces aren't detected. But I had a look at the Properties javadoc, and the escape sequence for a space is "\ ", so my properties file entry is now ...

18. escape character nightmare - please help

Hello, I'm trying to assign the value \" to a String. That is, I want the string to be backslash + double quote. \" just gives the double quote, \\" becomes an unterminated string, and \\\" is back to the double quote without the backslash. I'm pretty sure that unicode would have the same result. The must be some way to ...

19. escape special characters in parser's input

I hope this is the appropriate forum for this. I'm using jakarta Digester to parse an xml file coming from a backend system. It's going to be large and it contains in some of the xml values brackets and other things that confuse parsers. Is there anyway, either in Digester or in the XSD definition I'm making to describe this data, ...

20. Filtering Escape characters

21. Escape Character in String Parsing

Hi all, I have to take a string such as: String str = "a='john\' Book' AND b=1" If in the passed String (str) I find a ' then I need to store till the end ' as a different String. I will need to preserve the \' too. I am not sure how to do that. If I do String str ...

22. Escape Characters?

Hello All, I'm not sure how to use escape characters in java. I'm writing a short java program that reads lines from a textfile and then writes them to a database. The first place this came up was the path to the database "d:\database\filename.gdb" had to be written "d:\\database\\filename.gdb". Then in the insert SQL I'm seeing examples like this int i ...

23. Tracking Escape character

Hi, I want to track the existence of '\' in my String variable i have written the following code but I'm not successful, Looking forward to your help , the code is as follows. ======================================================== /** * validates the length and content of passed string * Creation date: (9/25/01 5:17:42 PM) * @return boolean * @param text java.lang.String * @param validlength ...

24. Escape character \t not reflected in output

Help, I have a simple output line: JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "sum\t= " + sum + "\nx\t= " + x); ...however, the \t escape character seems to be ignored in my output. if I replace JOptionPane.showMessageDialog to: System.out.println the tab is reflected in the command line window. What can I do to make it work in the first case. any help appreciated

25. Escape Characters List

26. Understanding Escape Characters, bug

Why this happen when \t is between (without space) M and L (M\tL)? import java.util.Date; public class Iniciales { public static void main(String[] args) { Date currentFecha = new Date(); // Date constructor System.out.println(); System.out.println("\t\t\tM M\tL \tFFFFFFFF"); System.out.println("\t\t\tMM M\tL \tF"); System.out.println("\t\t\tM M M M\tL \tFFFFFFFF"); System.out.println("\t\t\tM M M\tL \tF"); System.out.println("\t\t\tM M\tL \tF"); System.out.println("\t\t\tM M\tLLLLLLLL\tF"); System.out.println(); System.out.println(); System.out.println(); System.out.println("\t\t\tLa hora en tu ...

27. Escape character

28. illegal escape character

29. What is illegal escape character in java

Dear Sir, While complile this code the error message display that "Illegal escape character".Please guide me to rectify this code. The data.txt file contains:->Sumanta,Sagar,Harish import*; public class ReadFile { public static void main(String[] args) { try{ File fin=new File("C:\Testjava\data.txt"); FileReader fr=new FileReader(fin); BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(fr); String theBR=br.readline(); String[] theSplit=theBR.split(","); for(int i=0;i

30. Escape all special characters in HTML

31. How do I escape special chars like German "Umlaut" to UTF-8 entities?

Hi! I need a way to convert special chars to UTF-8 entites. I already found out there is a StringEscapeUtils by Apache, but there doesn't seem to be a converter for UTF-8 but only for generic HTML entites. This is an example of what I need INPUT -> OUTPUT => ä => ü => ß Do you know ...

32. help regarding escape character

The only thing that's relevant here is that to write an actual '\' character inside a String in Java source code, you must double it: args[0] = "\\d"; The same goes for character constants: char c = '\\'; There's no "escaping" of characters read from the command line or from files; a \ is just an ordinary character at runtime. Escaping ...

33. escaping html characters and a string starting with double quote

Hi, 1) Would the following method work to replace html characters? Specially, I am confused with the double quotes. I tried replaceAll("\"", """) for this in the below method. I am not sure if this is right. static String escapeHtmlEntities(String s) { return s.replaceAll("&", "&").replaceAll("<", "<").replaceAll(">", ">").replaceAll("\"", """). replaceAll(":", ":").replaceAll("/", "/"); } 2) I need to create a string which starts ...

35. Escape character for single quote

36. Need help with escape characters

Hi all, I am have trouble writing a program with escape characters in it. The object of the program is to print out 3 letters a, b, and c. What I have to do is fix all of the letters to get each to line up. However it seems that some of my \t are not getting read in the program ...

37. Escaping special characters in User Input in IzPack Installer

I have an IzPack installer that takes in a lot of User Inputs and substitutes them in an XML file. This XML file is actually the configuration file for my application. There is a major problem that I have hit and I cant move on from it. In the Input fields (in the installer) user can enter any text and also ...

39. GLabels - escape characters and pause

Hi, I'm new to Java, and even newer to this forum (hope I'm posting in the right section). I've been give a class assignment to create and ATM simulator and I have some problems with displaying messages. I use GLabels, and the first issue I came across was not being able to use escape characters. It crossed my mind that a ...

40. Illegal escape characters

41. Error(34,60): invalid escape character

42. Escaping characters

43. how to handle escape sequnce characters.

No, that's not how you do a file upload. When you upload a file from HTML (assuming you have the correct HTML, which you probably don't) it's the contents of the file which is uploaded, not the name of the file. You might also get the name of the file, but the server can't open the file using that name, because ...

44. Parsing a string with escape characters

Sam, Thanks so much for this. It is just what I needed (octals and regular escapes), but was surprised not to find exposed elsewhere. BTW, there is a bug on line 62. Instead of "i += j;", it should be "i += j-1;" Otherwise, "\0xyz" becomes ^@yz, not ^@xyz. Also, I removed the 2-character limit on octals. - Chris

46. Escape Character for "[".

47. How to replace escape characters in a string ?

Short answer: String.replaceAll() deals with a regex. Double the backslash. Long answer: String.replaceAll() deals with a regex, and in regex the \ (after escaping for a Java literal) is also an escape character there. Therefore, a regex of \b matches the ASCII character 8 (backspace) [?], and \t matches the ASCII character 9 (tab). In Java literals that would be "\t" ...

48. character escaping

49. String.matches() escape character

Backslashes within string literals in Java source code are interpreted as required by the Java Language Specification as either Unicode escapes or other character escapes. It is therefore necessary to double backslashes in string literals that represent regular expressions to protect them from interpretation by the Java bytecode compiler. The string literal "\b", for example, matches a single backspace character when ...

50. Dealing with escape characters

I have a command that works if I represent it as "\003"command"\r" because my command needs to be preceded by the char 'x03' and tailed by the char 'x0d'. The literals "\003" and "\r" are being converted as I wish into their equivalent byte values. If I use Java string variables 'start' and 'end' to hold the values "\003" and "\r" ...