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1. Deleting the bullet from the list deletes character before

Editor application reads MSword doc into HTML format. All lists ( new paragrafs with bullets in a begginging in Word file) are read as

“<li>+ contentString+”</li>”
On the interface the text ...

2. Java - XSS - HTML encoding - Character entity reference vs. Numeric entity reference

We've been looking for ways to HTML encode our JSP pages to counter XSS. The OWASP site shows How_to_perform_HTML_entity_encoding_in_Java The article talks about entity encoding the "Big 5" i.e.

  21 ...

3. Java how can I add an accented "e" to a string?

With the help of tucuxi from the existing post Java remove HTML from String without regular expressions I have built a method that will parse out any basic HTML tags ...

4. Download a web page without character replacement

I'm tryng to download a web page in java with the following:

URL url = new URL("");
FIle to = new File("/home/test/test.html");

Reader in = new InputStreamReader(url.openStream(), "UTF-8");
Writer out = new OutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream(to), "UTF-8");

int ...

5. HTML speacial character parsing

I'm looking for a java class to parse all HTML special characters. I guess it's a common problem but i cannot find a fast solution right now. What i wanto to get is:

input: ...

6. HTML characters from a downloaded page dont appears correctly

Some pages have HTML special characters in their content, but they are appearing as a square (an unknown character). What can I do? Can I convert the String containg the carachters to another ...

7. Replacing char sequence with char from string in java

I want to replace all llpp with "<" char and all llqq with ">" from following string in a java code,

llppheadllqqllpptitlellqqCompany Name-Companyllpp/titlellqqllpp/headllqq
llppbodyllqqSome text herellpp/bodyllqq
I have above string and i want it ...

8. Inserting new line characters in a string which has html code in it

My problem is that i have developed a tool that merges two HTML snippets ( each snippet has its own </html><!DOCTYPE html> tags ). I merge them into a string and ...

9. Reading HTML Special characters

10. HTML codes to "normal characters"

11. replaceAll -- html characters