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1. How to determine if a String contains invalid encoded characters

Usage scenario We have implemented a webservice that our web frontend developers use (via a php api) internally to display product data. On the website the user enters something (i.e. a query ...

2. Invalid Unicode Character Found

The first of those boxes represents an Ethiopic character but I can't find out what the other one is. My program can detect most unicode characters and tell you what range they are in. So anyway, I don't know what your problem is but I would use the escaped unicode codes in your XML. Cheers, patumaire

3. Web Validation - Invalid Characters

I'm working on web form (member registration) that must work in many languages. I'm struggling trying to come up with the best way to determine what characters to allow in things like Name, Address, etc... I believe the regular expression: [\p{L}\p{N} ,-'\(\)] will match letters and numbers (in any language - not just ASCII chars) plus space plus a few punctuations. ...