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1. Gson toJson method includes escape character when printing Strings    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Gson to convert a Java object to Json. One of the object's fields holds a string containing an escaped double quote, like this:

"double quote:'\"'"
The toJson method returns the string ...

2. "A JSONArray text must start with '[' at character 1 of null"    stackoverflow.com

Just wondering what that error could mean? I get it from the following code..

    JSONArray jArray = new JSONArray(result);
    for(int i=0;i<jArray.length();i++){

3. Box characters within JSON response    stackoverflow.com

This is my JSON String which is generated using Java:

Using an alert in JavaScript displays boxes inside string and breaks my eval function. Please find details in attached screen shot. alt ...</p></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class='articleProductElement'><h3 class='articleProductElementTitle'>4. <a href='http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3659004/json-strings-and-how-to-handle-escaped-characters'>JSON strings and how to handle escaped characters</a><span class='articleProductElementHost'>    stackoverflow.com</span></h3><p class='articleProductElementParagraph'>I am using the official JSON library for my java project ad i have noticed something weird.

If i have a json such as this:

  And ...

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I am reinventing the wheel and creating my own JSON parse methods in Java. I am going by the (very nice!) documentation on json.org. The only part I am unsure ...

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Does anybody know a way to enable response character set selection by client for RESTeasy? I'm working with 1.2.1GA. My responses return UTF-8 although I'm not sure why and where that ...