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1. How to determine whether a character is a letter in Java?    stackoverflow.com

How do you check if a one-character String is a letter - including any letters with accents? I had to work this out recently, so I'll answer it myself, after the recent ...

2. How do I get the set of all letters in Java/Clojure?    stackoverflow.com

In Python, I can do this:

>>> import string
>>> string.letters
Is there any way to do something similar in Clojure (apart from copying and pasting the above characters somewhere)? I looked through ...

3. ANTLR: Lexer rule accepting strictly one letter, and a token of multiple chars, instead of just one (Java)    stackoverflow.com

I've written the below grammar for ANTLR parser and lexer for building trees for logical formulae and had a couple of questions if someone could help:

class AntlrFormulaParser extends Parser;

options {

4. isDigit() returning true for letter    stackoverflow.com

When running the following program and inputing a letter, one of the output windows says that the letter is a digit when it is clearly not. Why?

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

 * This program ...

5. Creating new String with sorted letters from a String word in Java    stackoverflow.com

How do I create a String with alphabetical order letters taken from another String? Let's say I have something like this

String theWord = "Hello World";
How do I compute the new String to ...

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I need to shorten my char[] by one letter each time I pass through the code. The arguments I'm using are hello and hel. It should return true false false. At ...

7. 'Chinese letters' printed instead of non-english chars    forums.oracle.com

Hi , I use a cmd in which i execute the java programs i have developed... Whereas , i write non-english(greek) letters in my source programs the cmd does not display them....only 'chinese letters or non-understandable symbols'... Of course... i can write greek letters in the cmd.... Is there something that i can do except for writing the messages with english/latin ...

8. Ignoring characters that are not letters in a string    forums.oracle.com

and if "Hello" is in the dictionary, it will still be spelled wrong since there is a "!" I still want it to output it like "Hello!", but I don't want it to be spelled wrong because of the "!" So, I'm basically trying to only check the actual word, but if there is a character like "!" in a word, ...