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I am a java beginner, please keep that in mind. I have to make a program that reads a number, and then displays that amount of exclamation mark "!". This is what ...

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So I want to iterate for each character in a string. So I thought:

for (char c : "xyz")
but I get a compiler error:
StackCharTester.java:20: foreach not applicable to expression type
How can I do ...

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I need to write a small program that takes in a string like Hello World and prints out HHHEEELLLOOO WWWOOORRRLLLDDD, but instead of just hello world it would take in any ...

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The following code will print 2

String word = "bannanas";

String guess = "n";

int index;


    index = word.indexOf(guess)

I would like to know how to get all the indexes of "n" ...

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I have to do a project about the periodic table of elements. My dilemma is as follow. The user send you a molecular equation. It can be of any length. In ...

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So basically I wrote code to encode any String using ROT-13. So, for example, if the String is "the", the ROT-13 encoded String will be "gur". Basically, the "t" shifts 13 letters, the "h" shifts 13 letters, and the "e" shifts 13 letters. Here is the code I have for it: Java Code: public void rot13() { for (int i=0; i

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Hey guys, I'm trying to draw a shape that looks like this $$$* $$*$ $*$$ *$$$ However with this code it comes out as $$$* $$$* $$$* $$$* The beginning part of my code asks the user which shape they would like to be drawn, and the size of the shape. This is the code pertaining to the "diagonal" else if ...

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