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1. Java: How do I get a platform independent new line character?

How do I get a platform independent newline in java? I can't use "\n" everywhere.

2. How do I append a newline character for all lines except the last one?

I'm iterating through a HashMap (see my earlier question for more detail) and building a string consisting of the data contained in the Map. For each item, I will ...

3. java newline character insertion

how can i insert a newline character in a java applet program if i am using "label" instead of sys.out.println?? thanks in advance

4. \n newline character is ignored by java

I'm writing to a txt file and I'm appending \n (newline character). the character is shown clearly in System.out.println. but this character is not shown in the textfile. therefore, the textfile ...

5. Java Apache POI newline characters are ignored when writing to XWPFTable cell

Hoping someone might have some experience with this. I'm using Apache POI 3.8b4 to output a table in Word 2007 format. When I do something similar to the following: ...

6. A unicode newline character(\u000d) in Java

Let's see the following code snippet in Java.

package newline;

final class Sample
  //Character a = new Character('\u000d{System.out.println("Hello");}

final public class Main 
    public static void main(String[] args) 

7. newline characters

We have a servlet that takes a text file, appends a couple of lines to it, then returns the modified text file to the client. The problem is that when I test the servlet, the new lines in the text file are not appearing as new lines. Instead of getting: original line 1 original line 2 original line 3 added-by-servlet line ...

8. trim() removes newline char at the front??

Hi java experts, If I use trim() on a string that might contain newline char, will it be removed? From the documentation, it says trim() removes leading and trailing whitespaces. At the same time, I see this: A character is a Java whitespace character if and only if it satisfies one of the following criteria: It is a Unicode space character ...

9. Urgent: how to remove ^M (newline) characters using Java?

Let's start with the "more typing" solution. There are shorter ones but this one will get you started. In this forum we often give broad hints and send you looking in the API for details ... s1 = "one\ntwo\nthree" s2 = "" i = position of "\n" in s1 while i >= 0 s2 = s2 + the part of s1 ...

10. Can java read character without newline

11. Modify Newline character in java

Hi, I have a few text files which has text in the form of Key-Value pairs. The files are in different languages including Japanese & Chinese. For ex: StringID1 "String Value1" StringID2 "String Value2" StringID3 "String Value3" In some cases, the last quote is in a new line. i.e: StringID3 "String Value3 " This needs to be fixed. I have tried ...

12. Newline character in .properties

Hi, I am g building a XML from my application , hence i am hardcoding the XML PI and XML namespace in the .properties. It goes like this in .properties file:- GET_XML = \ \ \ pkg:xmlData> like this it goes on , these are common for whatever XML i am building. When i ...

13. Newline character

Hello, I am having problems with the newline character. I want to store a newline in a file and I know that \n doesn't work. also BufferedWriter.newLine() wouldn't help unless I checked for \n in the String and each time started a new BufferedWriter. Is there any other way I can write a newline to a .txt ?

14. Removing newline characters from a string

15. OpenOffice API - Newline character treated as a paragraph break

Hello, I'm trying to load a JTextPane into an OOo document. Everything is going well except for when "\n" is used to go to the next line in a JTextPane. Once the pane is loaded into an OOo document, OOo Writer converts that newline into a paragraph break which results into an extra space between the two lines. Anyone have any ...

17. How request.getParameter() takes the newline character

I am using the request.getParameter() to get the parameter entered in the Teaxtarea of the html page. I am entering the data as two lines.But while getting the data into the servlet i am getting tit as a single line.I am using the Tomcat , How do i get the text as same as i entered(with newline characetrs)? I want to ...