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1. Avoid printing unicode replacement character in Java

In Java, why does Character.toString((char) 65533) print out this symbol: ? ? I have a Java program which prints these characters all over the place. Its a big program. Any ideas on ...

2. Java unicode characters error in cmd

I have the following class in Java which prints "Hello World" in portuguese:

public class PrintUnicode {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

3. print char using unicode value (java)

Below code returns ? rather than a random character. Any ideas? Please note that i wrote this as pat of an exercise on method overloading hence the 'complicated' setup.

class TestRandomCharacter

4. printing "special" characters with java

i want to println

System.out.println("*_data<*>" text;");
as *_data<*> text; and also write this to a file. i can't even get it to write to console because of errors...

5. How do I print the binary representation of the first character in a string

i want to retrieve the binary values of the data in the file. so i have written the following the code:

while ((fileData = br.readLine()) != null) {
  byte b[] = ...

6. Printing Unicode characters in java

I'm developing a Sinhala-English Unicode translator on Java. When I print a Unicode character in a JTextPane, it only shows a blank box. But when I copy that box to the ...

7. Printing Hindi characters as string in java results in error

I print hindi characters as string in java and I'm getting an error. I save the java file in notepad uing UTF-8.

public class MainClass {
    public static void ...

8. Jasperreport special characters look fine in pdf, but not on paper

I've made a Jasperreport and I'm trying to print it in Java. The problem is, when I create a PDF file it looks like it should, with all special characters included ...

9. Java - printing a char a certain amount of times

I have an array of doubles and I would like to print a star (*) char as many times as the numbers stored in my array. Any suggestions?

10. Java println() Printing chars

I'm trying to print two chars with

System.out.println(char1 + char2);
but it's adding the integer values together and printing the sum... How do I print the chars themselves?

11. why it doesn't print max value of char

The reason it does this is that Character.MAX_VALUE is a char, so it gets turned into a single-character String rather than formatted as 65535. Since you don't have a font that supports the 0xFF00 code page (code point?), it uses the "I don't know what this character is" character: "?". Another way to view this value as a number, rather than ...

12. How to print ASCII values of all characters?

Loop through the characters in a FOR loop and print out the value of the char which is cast to int. Try this. I am pasting the answer below, but suggest you first try it based on the above explanation, without looking at the code below. [deleted - Jim] [ November 17, 2005: Message edited by: Jim Yingst ]

13. Printing repeated Characters

I have a file that I need to print to using PrintWriter. The header of the file is always: ******************** myfile.txt ******************** As you can see the filename has 20 '*' characters to the left and right of it. Is there a shortcut way of printing these 20 '*' characters? rather than calling write("********************"); Some kind of regular expression perhaps?

14. How do I print extended ascii characters in Java

Hello I would like to print extended ascii characters(characters between 127 and 255). Unfortunately I am not able to get the corresponding ascii character symbols for the following values 129,141,143,144,157. I am getting the correct values for all the other numbers, except for these numbers where a ? is returned. for( int i=127;i < 256;i++) { byte[] data = new byte[1]; ...

15. printing Extended Character Set values

16. how to print ascii characters on the screen

Since characters are really represented as numbers under the hood, this means that you can "count" with them. So to print out every character in a given range, it sounds like a loop of some kind would be helpful. Does this give you any ideas where to start? Once you have made a crack at working on this, post some of ...

18. Printing Unicode characters

20. problem in printing Chinese character on printer

Hi, When i am using below code to print chinese character, its printing some garbage value. Please suggest how to print chinese character using printer. public void printOutput (ArrayList outContent) { try { String PrinterPort = "LPT1:"; \\ can use com1,com2 etc PrintWriter bufWr = new PrintWriter(PrinterPort, "UTF-8"); for (int i=0;i

22. Printing tab characters

23. Print multi-colored characters in a sentence

Hello All, I just taught Java to myself this past week, and so not surprisingly, I'm stuck with this program. Basically I want to print out two sequences in separate lines in a JTextPane (I realized JTextArea is incapable of multi-colored edits). For each position in the sequences, if the two sequences have the same character, I want to print the ...

24. Printing Dec to Char Problem

Hi Everyone, i have some problem to print the value. For Ex : if Dec 38 i will get & if Dec 2 i will get some unknown square boxes.. Am using net beans.. if i enter and print the values from Dec 32 to Dec 126 works finely. the decimal values 0 to 31 are not printing correctly. How can ...

25. reading and printing out a html page results in character encoding problem

For example my html page contains the em-dash "" character, however when I do System.out.print("htmlstring"); I dont get "" insted I get ?. This puzzled me so I opened up the html file in notepad++ and changed the encoding. When I have it at the default UTF-8 I get but when I change it to ANSI I get ? ...

26. Printing characters in Java

You can try: System.out.println("* *"); System.out.println(" * *"); . . . System.out.println(" * * *"); System.out.println(" * * * *"); I hope this is what you want to do because i didn't quite understand what you are aksing... But i think it is much easier to open a frame,and put a Label W with big font.:)

27. printing characters using char

28. printing characters from their code?

what I'm trying to do is print a character from its decimal value, but I cant seem to find anything that helps. I know it cant be hard but I just have no idea how to do it. what I'm trying to do: user inputs 58 program outputs : user inputs 65 program outputs A so forth and so on.

29. Print a null character

30. printing chinese w/ Java Print Service API become garbled characters

1. Are you aware that the toString() method of an array of characters returns a string like "[C@34af9b78"? The correct way to construct a string from an array of characters is to use the String(char[]) constructor. 2. When you use DocFlavor.BYTE_ARRAY.AUTOSENSE you are trusting that the system somehow can guess what the bytes you feed it represent. I wouldn't be so ...

33. Printing multiple char strings

For a start the course I am on, are very much into the 'inderpendant learning' regiem; so we don't get 'homework'. I have experimented with a for loop but I am still very unsure how to use even those. All I need to be able to climb out of this crater is for an example for using the print method to ...

34. I need Help to print characters as one word

well I need the ouput to print the characters at position 0, 11, 26 and 34 as one word not as a separate substring. For the output I get: At position 0 : T At position 11: e At position 26: s At position 34: t But I need it to print as one word.

35. how to print these character

36. Reading and printing a unicode character

Okay, Im rather sure that UTF-8 saves your char as 1 hexnumber, and that unicode enturpurates that hexnumber as another. So you should try saving that file as Unicode(as that is what Java is using) or UTF-16 if you feel lucky. UTF-16 might have the same hexnumber for pi as Unicode. EDIT: Look at this page: [pi|] and this page: [sqare ...

37. i cannot print ethiopic characters

38. printing special characters

39. Extracting Characters and printing them line by line?

EagleScout: post what you have--and talk to your teacher, read your book, read your lecture notes to get a clue. Remember: On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. ...

40. printing code doesn't understand form feed character("\f")

Hi All I am facing a problem related to printing task in java. My code works fine for printer(HP laser Jet 6L). Because it understands form feed escape sequence("\f"). But the same code doesn't work for small printers like those have pages in terms of roll(where pages are not there). It is unable to cut the roll when the data is ...

41. printing unicode characters in Java - help

Hi there, I want to print out unicode characters through java programming language in windows system. For example, I want to print Devanagari characters. I found out that '\u0900' to '\u0975' represent devanagari characters. So I tried following, out = new PrintStream(System.out, true, "UTF-8"); out.println('\u0911'); but they print characters like and not the actual devanagari characters. Just to be more ...

42. Printing text using jdk 1.4...only first character in string output

public TextDataPrintable(ArrayList data,int linesPerPage,int charsPerLine) { = data; this.linesPerPage = linesPerPage; this.charsPerLine= charsPerLine; init(); } private void init() { int AERP_FONT_SIZE = 10; String AERP_FONT_FACE = "Courier New"; f = new Font(AERP_FONT_FACE, Font.PLAIN, AERP_FONT_SIZE); paintColor =; } public int print(Graphics graphics, PageFormat pageFormat, int pageIndex) throws PrinterException { if (pageIndex < pages.size()) { Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D) graphics.create(); g2d.translate(pageFormat.getImageableX(), ...

43. print a line break every 9 characters

44. character spacing when print

45. Re:Unable to print special characters

46. Java PrintService printing Chinese/Japanese characters output is garbled.

Hi Java Gurus, I have been spending the whole day trying to make our text printing application able to print non-western Characters (e.g. Chinese and Japanese) as part of our requirements. But I am constantly getting garbled output when I print a UTF-8 formatted text file containing Chinese characters. I've been trying to switch the DocFlavor types (e.g. byte array in ...