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1. Is there functionality to generate a random character in Java?    stackoverflow.com

Does Java have any functionality to generate random characters or strings? Or must one simply pick a random integer and convert that integer's ascii code to a character?

2. How to generate a random String in Java    stackoverflow.com

I have an object called Student, and it has studentName, studentId, studentAddress, etc. For the studentId, i have to generate random string consist of seven numeric charaters, eg.

studentId = getRandomId();
studentId = "1234567" ...

3. uppercase random number of characters from a random alphanumeric string    stackoverflow.com

I have some random string with unknown content, what is known is that the content is alphanumeric and in lower case. I am looking for a simple method to upper case a ...

4. random generate character in a string    stackoverflow.com

i need to generate random character in a String java when user click on button. for example :if we take cat example i need to disply character in a string like follwing: CAT,ACT,TAC,TCA Thanks ...

5. What do I need to fix to get this to print out a string of random characters?    stackoverflow.com

This is in Java as the tag implies. I can't figure out how to get it to print out the "key" string at the end of the code while keeping my ...

6. How to generate a random string of 20 characters    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
How to generate a random String in Java
I am wanting to generate a random string of 20 characters without using apache classes. I ...

7. Generating a random character out of any two in Java    stackoverflow.com

How do I generate a random character between two specific characters? For e.g; I want to generate either one of 'h' or 'v'. Thanks

8. add random characters to end of string?    stackoverflow.com

String key = "test";
I have a key. It is 4 characters long. What i want to do is have a function which looks at the length of key and then adds ...

9. How to generate unique 4-character random keys from Java    stackoverflow.com

How to generate random 4-character key from these characters: [a-zA-Z0-9]
That is less likely to collide, like a unique ID? Also having those 62 characters by calculation would result for about 14.7 ...

10. What java library are there provides the the facility to generate unique random string combination from a given set of characters?    stackoverflow.com

What java library are there provides the the facility to generate unique random string combination from a given set of characters? Say I have these set of characters: [a-zA-Z0-9] And I need to ...

11. Random Characters???    coderanch.com

Is it possible to generate a random character in a similar way it is to generate a random number using, say, the system clock, or would it be better to set up an array that holds all the characters in and work through that? I need to use single characters as a unique identifier you see. Cheers

12. Question re casting from Random.nextInt to char    coderanch.com

Yeah, I had thought about adding parentheses but hadn't gotten around to it. That does make the compiler happy. I'm still wondering why the compiler doesn't like testChar = (char) rand.nextInt(26) + 'a'; I guess I assumed that the cast applied to the entire right side of the assignment; and I also thought that any int-sized or smaller expression results in ...

13. Using contains/equals/== with random characters?    coderanch.com

Thanks for your replies so far. I've tried them all and failed gloriously each time. I should have explain the problem in more detail. I have a method findWord(String word, String[] dictionary), which is supposed to return the index of the word in the dictionary[]. The word can either be a full word, in which case it's super simple, but it ...

14. how to get a random alphabet or char ?    coderanch.com

15. How do you print a character a random number of times?    coderanch.com

Hi, I'm trying to write a method that will print a string of a random number of X's (from 5 to 20) on a line, then another number of X's on the next line, etc. until the random number = 16. I have to use while loops and probably fencepost algorithms. I'm confused with how to print the number of x's ...

16. Need help generating random numbers atleast 2 characters apart    java-forums.org

Random random = new Random (seed); int start = 0, end = strng.length(); int random1 = random.nextInt( end - start + 1) + start; int random2 = random.nextInt( end - start + 1) + start; int min = Math.min(random1,random2); int max = Math.max( random1,random2 ); System.out.print("The string between " + random1 + "and" + random2 + "is: ");

17. Randomly generate a range of Ascii Characters    java-forums.org

In this program, I am randomly generating a password allowing the user to select one of the following options: 1) Lowercase letters 2) Lowercase and uppercase 3) Lowercase, Uppercase, and Numbers 4) Lowercase, Uppercase, Numbers, and Symbols 5) Quit (no password) I've set them up in different loops and the first, fourth, and 5th loops work. This is because the ascii ...

18. Why are Random Characters appearing in my output??    java-forums.org

I am part way through coding my program and am testing what I have done this far to make sure the data was read from the file correctly and the toString methods are formatting correctly. I am getting random brackets and comma's within the output and I don't understand why. I have the code, data file and output below. Thanks for ...

19. Is there an easy way to create a random character?    forums.oracle.com

I tried generating a random int with the Random class and casting it to a char, but when I try to print it (which is the whole thing I want), it prints it as a number. How do I print it as the character? Edited by: drummerp on Dec 1, 2009 3:05 AM

20. Help in Char Random    forums.oracle.com

21. from random chars get back words from a list    forums.oracle.com

Hi guys I'm not sure how to do this, so a little help would be great as I am no expert. Currently I have a arraylist which contains some words (will be be huge in the end since it will be read in from a file) but for now its short list to test it. Arraylist - contains 25 works - ...

22. how to create a random char from a string    forums.oracle.com

Say I have a string called book which is: book = " I really love this java forum, it helps me a lot in programming"; and I have another string called seed, which can be seed = "oh"; seed = "mi"; seed is a string that contains two character generated randomly from the string book. that's what I mean