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1. Remove end of line characters from Java string

I have string like this

I want remove \r and \n from string(hello\r\njava\r\nbook). I want a string as "hellojavabook". How can I do this?

2. Need help removing strange characters from string

Currently when I make a signature using, it passes back a string. I can't seem to use this string since there are special characters that can only be seen when i ...

3. ? ? ? ñ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? --> n or Remove diacritical marks from unicode chars

I am looking an algorithm that can map between characters with diacritics (tilde, circumflex, caret, umlaut, caron) and their "simple" character. For ...

4. function to remove duplicate characters in a string

The following code is trying to remove any duplicate characters in a string. I'm not sure if the code is right. Can anybody help me work with the code (i.e whats ...

5. Removing hexadecimal UTF-8 characters in java

I know this question has been asked before, but none of the solutions seemed to work for this particular problem. My Java application receives a username from another server. The username sometimes ...

6. (java) Remove last character of a StringBuilder?

When you have to loop through a collection and make a string of each data separated by a delimiter, you always end up with an extra delimiter at the end, e.g.

for(String ...

7. Remove "empty" character from String

I'm using a framwork which returns malformed Strings with "empty" characters from time to time. "foobar" for example is represented by: [,f,o,o,b,a,r] The first character is NOT a whitespace (' '), so a System.out.printlin() ...

8. Remove or ignore character from reader

i am reading all characters into stream. I am reading it with This is inputStream. How can i ignore special characters like @ when reading into buffer. code

private final void FillBuff() ...

9. How to remove a specific special character from a string with many types of special characters

I have a string with many types of special characters, but I want to remove only " (double quotes). How can this be done?

10. How do I remove some characters from my String

i want to remove all of the following chars from my string

at the moment im doing this. but there must be a more efficient way
newString = myString.replace(">","").replace("[","").replace("]","")....

11. Removing characters in a java string

I want to remove charecters from a string. Example: I have an application that as the users check off the check mark its building the sql script, so if they check ...

12. Removing first character of a string

I have a string Jamaica i would like to remove the first character of the string and then return amaica how would i do this?

13. Java: remove all occurances of char from string

I can use this:

String str = "TextX Xto modifyX";
str = str.replace('X','');//of course that does not work because there is no such empty character ''
Is there a way to remove all occurances ...

14. Remove specific characters from string in Java

For example, given a string of Battle of the Vowels:Hawaii vs Gronzy when we specify the characters to be removed as aeiou, the function should transform string to Bttl f th ...

15. How to remove high-ASCII characters from string like ®, ©, ™ in Java

I want to detect and remove high-ASCII characters like ®, ©, ™ from a String in Java. Is there any open-source library that can do this?

16. remove special char in java string

i have a string like String mydate = jan\10 ; but when i print this string i did n't get currect string. so i want replace the char \ by any other ...

17. How to remove first 3 characters from a string?

How to remove first 3 char from a string?

'apple' change to 'le'  
'a cat' change to 'at'  
' a b c'change to 'b c'
Any lib code can I use ...

18. Removing certain characters from a string

I am thinking about using String.replaceAll() to remove certain characters in my string. It is unclear which characters are going to be removed (i.e. which characters I want to remove), but ...

19. Java - removing strange characters from a String

How do I remove strange and unwanted Unicode characters (such as a black diamond with question mark) from a String? Updated: Please tell me the Unicode character string or regex that correspond to ...

20. Remove characters from a String in Java

I am trying to remove the .xml part of a file name with the following code:

String id = fileR.getName();

21. How to remove chars in a string, and use that for another string

I am rather new at java, and I know this cant be too difficult, but I cant quite figure it out.

String xxChange = request.getParameter("XXChange");     
String yyChange ...

22. How to remove some characters from a String

I am getting a date in this format:

2011-05-23 6:05:00
How can I obtain only 2011-05-23 from this string?

23. How do I remove a character from a String?

public static String removeChar(String s, char c) {
  StringBuffer r = new StringBuffer( s.length() );
  r.setLength( s.length() );
  int current = 0;
  for (int i = 0; ...

24. How to remove the last character from a string?

I want to remove last character from a string. I've tried doing this:

public String method(String str) {
  if (str.charAt(str.length()-1)=='x')
    str = str.replace(str.substring(str.length()-1), "");

25. Remove char from string

I am searching for the following text in an inputted string: +Bob If the program finds +Bob, I want it to remove the + before Bob Now, the catch: I do not want the ...

26. how to remove the new line character on Excel Cell using POI API

i am exporting the content to Excel on different cells. I have to populate the html content, where the content may contain multiple lines. I have successfully populated data to excel ...

27. remove control characters

Have you considered simply looping through the chars in the string, and adding all non-control chars to a StringBuffer? Control chars are values 0-31 plus 127. Though that range includes some values you may actually wish to include: 9 :Ctrl-I : tab 10 : Ctrl-J : newline 13 : Ctrl-M : carriage return You can decide if you really want to ...

28. Remove Chars from a String?

29. Remove bad characters from strings

Hi, I am trying to replace bad chanracters from strings. We have some users copying and pasting strings from mainframes and some other sources. So this brings us some unwanted special characters (like A with ^ on top or two dots on top). So later when we try to to process such string some of our applications are failing. These characters ...

30. how to remove strange control characters from a string

Hi, I am using some legacy swing application, and every time I use ctrl-v or ctrl-c, there is a strange control character generated (it looks like a square/rectangle) at the end of the string. I cannot paste this special character here while I can in Eclipse IDE, so I just used its unicode representation. The problem is, if I replace \u007F ...

31. Removing special characters from a String

Hello everyone, I am reading a string from a JTextArea which contains special characters such as " and , and \etc. I want to assign this data to a string but it is generating exception for these special characters. I know that we can assign these special characters to a string by using a backslash(\) before the special symbol. The problem ...

32. String.replace to remove a character

33. Remove last character from a string

34. Removing specific character from the given String

String str="N''E'E'''R''A'''J"; You won't get one String from that. You need to use escape characters and write " as \" and ' as \' such as in String str = "N\'\'E\'E\'\''R\''A\''\'J" ; (I can't be sure what you had because I can't see what was a double quote and what was 2 single quotes.) Check out the String classes split methods. ...

35. remove special characters from String

Originally posted by kri shan:i am using jdk 1.3. Jdk 1.3 doesn't support replaceAll(String,String) If you download the 1.5 API source code, this is what you will find: public String replaceAll(String regex, String replacement) { return Pattern.compile(regex).matcher(this).replaceAll(replacement); } /** * Replaces each substring of this string that matches the literal target * sequence with the specified literal replacement sequence. The * ...

36. Removing Characters from String

To state it a little more explicitly, once a string is created, it CANNOT be changed. So what good are all those "replaceAll()" type methods??? simple. they RETURN a NEW string. so when you call A.replaceAll(".",""); string A is not changed,, but a brand new string is created where the "." have been replaced with "". you need some new variable, ...

37. Remove non-letter characters from String

Hi all.. I'd like to ask how to remove all non-letter characters from a string. e.g. if I have string "Great Javaranch" or "Gre745at Java{}#@$ranch " and I pass each of them into specific method ( e.g. format(String) ), the method will returns "GreatJavaranch". I know that there is a method String.replaceAll. However, my problem is how to check all non-letter ...

38. how to remove duplicate characters

Originally posted by lynn fann: can have example? i have never try linkhashset before thanks. Lynn, If this is a homework question, I highly doubt your instructor would allow the use of regular expressions, the linkedhashset, or anything else that you have not learned yet. So... what have you learned? I am assuming that you just learned about loops? Or have ...

39. Removing Alpha Characters from a String

40. Remove last character from String

41. Remove unwanted chars (new line,tab) in java

If you want to remove the spaces from the middle of the string too, you can use the replaceAll method of String class with a regex like \s to replace all the space characters with anything that you like. This method would be a little slow if you want to update all the records. You should try a bulk update query ...

42. Removing last character from a String

43. Removing escaped characters from strings

How would I remove all the junk from the string: <p>Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC) Book Fair</p> I tried tokenizing it with &; as delimeters but its working with my program. (Some strings will have more tokens than others) I also tried (URLDecoder.decode(string, "UTF-8")) but thats not working either. Any suggestions?

44. Method to remove Duplicate char from a StringBuilder

Say you enter 'SSS' Your code will see that index 0 and 1 are both S, so it will delete index 1, giving you 'SS'. Now your length is 2 and your loop index is 1, so you start from the second S. Since your loop index is always increasing, you'll never go back and compare your first character again...not to ...

45. java string : remove chars

Sometimes this forum is very funny. Dear MOD, You might want to note that "New to Java" means posters who are new to Java who have basic Java programming questions should post them here. It does not mean, as you appear to think, that people who are new to Java are answering questions in here. In fact it's strongly discouraged. The ...

47. Removing characters from a string

Hi, I have a requirement of removing all the characters from a string to get the double value. So my variable would have a value like "EUR123.35", I want to get 123.35 from it. We can have any type and number of characters in the string. SO I have the following code #CODE Pattern m_Pattern = Pattern.compile("a-zA-Z"); priceTag=priceTag.replace(m_Pattern.pattern(), ""); #ENDCODE I ...

48. how to remove character from string?

49. how to remove the last character from string?

51. Remove repeated characters

52. remove Null character

53. Removing characters from string after a certain point

Im very new to java programming, so if this is a realy stupid question, please forgive me I want to remove all the characters in my string that are after a certain character, such as a backslash. eg: if i have string called "myString" and it contains this: 109072\We Are The Champions\GEMINI 205305\We Are The Champions\Queen 4416\We Are The Champions\A Knight's ...

54. Removing chars from string start...

55. How to remove a specific char from a String

Hello,i would like to remove a specific char from a String e.g. How am i supposed to replace "/" from a String /tutorials/ I would like to remove that "/" from the end of the " /tutorials/" Output: /tutorials without the / in the end Which method shall i use in order to remove the last Char and have as output ...

56. Remove Special Characters

58. Removing character entities

I want to replace & a m p ; with &. (I've put spaces because the forum encoder is changing the code) I tried string1.replaceAll("& a m p ;","&"); and it is not working Also tried string1.replaceAll("& a m p ; amp;","&"); and it is not working. What is the correct code?

59. Removing whitespaces and weird characters

Hi, I need a way to remove the whitespaces and punctuation marks from a String. So for example, "This is a cool racecar!, right?" should be read as "thisisacoolracecarright" After googling for a while, I think I can use a split() method or a BufferedReader, but I don't know how to proceed. Can anyone point me in the right direction? This ...

60. how to remove the first special chars from the line

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61. Remove unwanted characters from string?

I am trying to remove some characters from a string variable. The text in the string is for example "Last Updated on Apr 21, 5:53 pm EDT". It is a date which will change, as will the length, so I don't think I can use crop. How can I remove the "Last Updated on" and "EDT" sections from a string? These ...

62. Removing Non-Ascii Characters from a String

63. Remove last char of string

64. Can't we "Remove" some chars from a String? Weird!

The opening square bracket [, the backslash \, the caret ^, the dollar sign $, the period or dot ., the vertical bar or pipe symbol |, the question mark ?, the asterisk or star *, the plus sign +, the opening round bracket ( and the closing round bracket ). These special characters are often called "metacharacters".

65. How can I remove end of line characters from a String

I am reading text files and running it through programs to extract certain information (words) by using a COTS product. The COTS product returns the words but leaves and end of line if there happens to be one in that particular phrase. I'm now trying to remove it so we don't store it like that in the database.

66. Remove characters

67. Remove $%&* characters from a String

68. Remove character from string?

69. remove special characters using core java

71. How to Remove the Spc Char from a String ?

72. Removing unicode control characters from string

Hi. I have a webservice where I return an object (with some strings) back to the client. The information is read from a database, and the string can sometimes contain invalid xml characters (like unicode 0x13). This results in an error when parsing the information at the client side. Is there someway a easy way to set up a filter or ...

73. Substring from certain location and removing chars.

Hello! 1. I have many Strings like these: "apple,trees, water, money, 150 m, 90 000 EEK, 3 421.79 EEK/m" "dogs, cats, beer, water, metal, roads, 35 000 000 EEK, 27 888.45 EEK/m" .... How do I get these substrings - "90 000" and "35 000 000"? I cannot determine the starting position of these substrings. 2. How do you remove specific ...

76. remove VT100 characters

//Create a file object with the file name //in the argument: File fin = new File("fileName1"); File fout = new File("fileName2"); //Open and input and output stream FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(fin); FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(fout); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(fis)); BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter( new OutputStreamWriter(fos)); // The pattern matches control characters Pattern p = Pattern.compile("{cntrl}"); ...

77. Remove the new line character

78. removing offending characters from string...

Hello. I have some code that receives a csv file that is generated by an AS/400 - info about store orders, etc. However occasionally there is a character that causes an exception when I try to send the data into XML (prep for a web service call). So, I added some code to my process to check the individual bytes. It's ...

79. remove the special characters from the string