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1. How to refactor, fix and optimize this character replacement function in java

While tuning the application, I found this routine that strips XML string of CDATA tags and replaces certain characters with character references so these could be displayed in a HTML page. ...

2. Java String Special character replacement

I have string which contains alpahanumeric and special character. I need to replace each and every special char with some string. For eg, Input string = "ja*va st&ri%n@&" Expected o/p = "jaasteriskvaspacestandripercentagenatand"

  • = "asterisk" & = "and" % ...

3. how to replace the null character

In java ,i have editfield whcih takes its input ,in it we can enter 3 digits when i enter first and third ,leaving 2 digit empty ,how to remove empty digit thanks

4. How do I replace a character in a string in Java?

Using Java, I want to go through the lines of a text and replace all ampersand symbols (&) with the XML entity reference &. I scan the lines of the text and ...

5. How to detect and replace non-printable characters in a string using Java?

For instance I have a string like this : abc123[*]xyz[#]098[~]f9e [*] , [#] and [~] represents 3 different non-printable characters. How can I replace them with "X" in Java ? Frank

6. How to replace characters in a java String?

I like to replace a certain set of characters of a string with a corresponding replacement character in an efficent way. For example:

String sourceCharacters = "š???Š???žŽ";
String targetCharacters = "sdccSDCCzZ";

String result = ...

7. Replace char to char in a string

i need make one replace char to char in one string, i need that is make to original string. the replace is A to T, T to A, C to G and ...

8. Replacing a letter in a string with a char

String lower = Name.toLowerCase();
int a = Name.indexOf(" ",0);
String first = lower.substring(0, a);
String last = lower.substring(a+1);
char f = first.charAt(0);
char l = last.charAt(0);
f = Character.toUpperCase(f);
l = Character.toUpperCase(l);
String newname = last +" "+ first;
i ...

9. How to replace special characters in a string?

I have a string with lots of special characters. I want to remove all those, but keep alphabetical characters. How can I do this?

10. How do I replace the a portion of the string with special characters

I would like to replace a certain portion of the string with "\\_\\_\\_\\_\\_"

(e.g. String str = "Hello World")
If I do str.replaceAll("World", "\\_\\_\\_\\_\\_"); I don't see the "\" character in my replaced string, ...

11. replacing a character every ocurrence in a string in java

I'm suppose to replace a "L" in a string every time it is found in the string HELLO WORLD, wiht "x". and the x is to increased every ocurrence of L.

input: ...

12. Problem in replacing special characters in a String in java

I got a String as response from server which is like the below:

Now I want to parse this string in such a way that I need to replace all \ ...

13. replace / prepend set of characters in string

I wanted to replace some set of characters and I used CharMatcher of Guava for this purpose and now I need to enhance a method - along with the ...

14. What is an efficient way to replace many characters in a string?

String handling in Java is something I'm trying to learn to do well. Currently I want to take in a string and replace any characters I find. Here is my current inefficient ...

15. Replacing characters in Java

I tried to replace characters in String which works sometimes and does not work most of the time. I tried the following:

String t = "[javatag]";
String t1 = t;
String t2 = t;
t.replace("\u005B", "");
t.replace("\u005D", ...

16. How can I replace non-printable Unicode characters in Java?

The following will replace ASCII control characters (shorthand for [\x00-\x1F\x7F]): my_string.replaceAll("\\p{Cntrl}", "?"); The following will replace all ASCII non-printable characters (shorthand for [\p{Graph}\x20]), including accented characters: my_string.replaceAll("[^\\p{Print}]", "?"); However, neither works for Unicode strings. Does ...

17. Replacing Unicode character codes with characters in String in Java

I have a Java String like this: "peque\u00f1o". Note that it has an embedded Unicode character: '\u00f1'. Is there a method in Java that will replace these Unicode character sequences with ...

18. java replace special characters to text

I have the following code which is changing the text I am inputting to UPPERCASE

if(WrtMsg.isDisplayable()== true); {
Now I want ...

19. String replace function not replacing characters correctly - Java

I am trying to replace a specific character '8' with a '2' in a string. I think I have everything set up correctly and when I look online for examples, this ...

20. Unicode replacement character

How to avoid unicode replacement character for extended ASCII chars when UTF-8 encoding fails? Is there a way to preserve extended ASCII chars by avoiding the unicode encoding in Java?

21. Java - replace a character at a specific index in a string?

I'm new to Java and I'm trying to replace a character at a specific index in a string. What I'm doing is:

String myName = "domanokz";
myName.charAt(4) = 'x';
this gives me error. It ...

22. How I replace multiple chars with only one char in a simple way?

I want to replace some chars with accents in a String like this example:

This will work, but I want to know if there is some simple way where I pass all ...

23. How to use replace(char, char) to replace all instances of character b with nothing

How do i use replace(char, char) to replace all instances of character "b" with nothing. For example:

Hambbburger to Hamurger
EDIT: There is a constraint, i may only use 1.4.2, meaning no ...

24. Java replace special characters in a string

I have a string like this:

And I want to remove all the new line characters and have the result as :
How do ...

25. How do i replace " character in Java?

I have

String a = "data=\"0\"1\"1\"1\"1\"0\"0\"0\"0\"0\"0\"1\"1\"1\"1\"0\"0\"0\"0\"0\"1\"1\"1\"1\"1\\\\";
How can i replace
  • " to \"
  • and \ to \\
String result = a.replace("\"", "\\\"");
String result = a.replace(""", "\"");

26. Replace character in a string

String username="abc";
String pwd="abc";

String query="Select username,pwd where username = ? and pwd = ?";
I want to replace character '?' in this string by different values with username and pwd specifed..Is there any ...

27. replace list of characters in a string

I have a String which is the title of a webpage. so it can have < > and other special charecters in them. I want to write a function that will ...

28. Efficient way to replace chars in a string (java)?

I'm writing a small JAVA program which:

  • takes a text as a String
  • takes 2 arrays of chars
What im trying to do will sound like "find and replace" but it is not ...

29. How to replace a specidfic character in a phrase

Sorry, are you trying to rename a file, or edit a file's contents? If the former, look at the File.renameTo function.

30. How to replace "\\" character.

Hello JGuru, I would like to replace "\\" single back slash character but do not how. Any idea? Thanks. John import*; public class Parser { public static void main(String[] args) { String fileName = args[0]; try { FileReaderfilereader = new FileReader(fileName); BufferedReader bufferedreader = new BufferedReader(filereader); Stringstring = bufferedreader.readLine(); System.out.println(string); string = string.replaceAll("\\", ""); System.out.println(string); } catch (Exception e) {} ...

31. Optium way to replace special character

32. Ascii to binary character replacement....

I have to replace the following in a string. Can someone tell me how best to accomplish this? * Whitespace is discarded (unless preceded by a backslash) * '\e' is translated to ASCII ETX (0x03) * '\n' is translated to ASCII LINEFEED (0x0A) * '\s' is translated to ASCII STX (0x02) * '\x' is translated to ASCII ESCAPE (0x1A) Thanks!

33. Replacing a character sequence

Hi, I am writing a program for a client which involves tokenizing strings based on a delimiter, usually "*" but it could be anything. An example string would be GH*ASD*FD**D2*f**123*45; The problem I am facing is I would need to extract every element between the "*"s and in the case where there are two "*" as above (FD**D2 and f**123) I ...

35. Replace a character with characters

Hey I think I have sorta an idea of how to do this but wanted to get some recommendations/advice! I pull a string from the DB which will be something like 3-5,15-18,40-42,50-54 You get the idea...what I need it to be for web display is 3-5, 15-18, 40-42, 50-54 . So I need to replace each instance of , with ...

36. how to replace characters in string

39. replace char

You said that you want to replace & with & or is that & with a dot at the end??? Please clarify what you are trying to do. If you want to replace all instances of one char with another char you can use the replace() method. But if you need to replace with more than 1 char, I think you ...

40. replace char with string

Your algorithm works only if the string you are trying to find is the same length as the string you are replacing it with. Otherwise, sb.replace() alters the length of the stringbuffer and your start and end get messed up. Instead of altering a stringbuffer, it would be easier if you built a stringbuffer with substrings from the orignal string. If ...

41. Replacing Chars in certain places

42. Replacing character in StringBuffer

43. String method "replace(char, char)"

Simple question, i am a little rusty on my java, but anyways here is my simple situation.Say i have a string "a-b-c", i just want to replace the dashes with null chracters( if its possible), so that the string comes out like "abc". I know i could string tokenize it then build another string using the tokens, but i would rather ...

44. Replacing the the last character of the given String

Yes I did mean CharSequence. It is certainly not premature optimisation - it is restricting abstraction to all that is necessary (i.e. not exceeding requirements). Any performance gain is pure consequential and certainly not a primary (or secondary or anything) objective at all. It is not coincidental however, that aligning with requirements quite often improves algorithmic performance. An expression of formal ...

45. replacing particular characters in a string with...

nevermind, lol I used String.replaceAll(substring a, string b); I have two recursive methods that needed to call it, and only had it in one... so say i had this string at current outcome.. (S)RRR())S) the actual outcome was (())RRR())()) because i only had the converting method in the S() function.. I figured it out... here is the code: public class Exp{ ...

46. String.replace(char, char) method - not changing string permanently

Hi guys, I take it the String.replace(char, char) method not not change the string permanently? I mean, if I run the below program, what prints out on the command line is the muted string, but what appears in the JOptionPane after the replace() command is used is the original string, not modified. How can I change the string? Only by assigning ...

47. Replacing Characters

48. Replace a char in a String

Thank you, Henry & marc, Java object references are passed by value, i.e. it pass a 'copy' of the value to the method, therefore the original value is not changed. Ahhh, I see. No wonder it still prints "java". I refactored the code to make it print "cava" by changing the void method to return a String value and then print ...

49. replacing characters

52. Class help with character replacing?

Hi! I have an assignment where I take input and search for and replace certain letters with others to create a code, and then I decode it. I'm confused about how to create create a loop to search for the letters. I know I use a if else statement inside the looping statement, but I don't know how to form it. ...

53. Replace character ' in a string

private static String getFormula(String formula) { String parameters[] = null; if (formula.indexOf('+') > 0) { parameters = formula.split("\\+"); formula = "concatenate("; for (int i = 0; i < parameters.length; i++) { parameters[i].replace('\'', '"'); formula = formula + parameters[i] + ","; } formula = formula.substring(0, formula.length() - 1); formula = formula + ")"; return formula; } else { return formula; } } ...

54. How to replace character *, using .replaceAll

ok, I am trying to replace the character "*", with " [A-Za-z0-9]*" String oldStr = "XYZ*"; String newStr = oldStr.replaceAll("\*", "[A-Za-z0-9]*"); System.out.println("newStr=" + newStr + "\n"); This one gives me illegal escape character String oldStr = "XYZ*"; String newStr = oldStr.replaceAll("*", "[A-Za-z0-9]*"); System.out.println("newStr=" + newStr + "\n"); This one compiles, but then gives me a dangling meta character error when I ...

56. replacing string with '\' character

Hi, the string I'm trying to replace has a windows file path in it. Here's some code that recreates the problem: public void replaceString(){ String path="c:\\heres\\a\\path"; System.out.println("here's the string: " + path); // try to make sub in string path.replaceAll("\\", "/"); System.out.println("here's the new string: " + path); } this generates: here's the string: c:\heres\a\path Exception in thread "main" java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unexpected ...

57. Replacing characters

Hi all Im automatically creating a folder with user information, but i have to make sure that there are no illegal characters and if there are i should replace it with a "0" but although it goes into my if statement it refuses to replace the invalid character. here is the relevant code String fileName = "T>*|:?G"; //String i'm using as ...

59. Replace unuseless characters in a String

Hi, I have a String, where I want to replace all the text starting from "{\\rtf1\\ansi" until "\\fs24", both marked in BOLD. Can anybody help, how I can replace this with regular expressions ? Thanks Mirco /** * * @author schmimir */ public class UPattern { static String text = "{\\rtf1\\ansi\\ansicpg1252\\deff0\\deflang1033{\\fonttbl{\\f0\\fswiss\\fprq2\\fcharset0 Arial;}}"+ "{\\colortbl ;\\red0\\green0\\blue0;}"+ "\\viewkind4\\uc1\\pard\\cf1\\f0\\fs24 Shipping Marks:"+ "\\par Eunaco Refractories"+ "\\par ...

60. japanese replace character

62. Replacing characters in a string?

I need a little help with an assignment I'm working on.. given a string entered into a text box by a user.. lets name this string text. using a for loop to go through each char in the string.. I want to take that letter and replace it with a character 13 places after it. for example: A -> N B-> ...

63. Replacing char in string help

/** * Write the function countCode. * * @param str the string to process. * @return the number of times co?e appears in the string. * * Return the number of times that the string "code" * appears anywhere in the given string, except we'll * accept any letter for the 'd', so "cope" and "cooe" * count. * * Some ...

64. How to replace typed characters?

Hello, my objective is simple: I just want the display to output "*" for every character the user types in. For example if he wants types "password" in the program the program displays "********". I should mention im doing this in JCreator and not in a password field box, rather just the general output box it comes with. Just incase it ...

65. Replacing a char with the next

Hi I'm very new to java so please excuse any stupid questions on my part! I tried searching the forum, java API, and the net in general for how to replace a specified character with the one following it in the alphabet. I understand replace('this', 'that) but finding difficulty in replacing it with the following letter. This is an assignment for ...

66. Replacing characters at a certain index

I can't seem to find the method that will let me replace a character at a certain index in a string to another character. For example, I have a string that is just ten a's, "aaaaaaaaaa" And at the 6th spot I want to replace the a with a b. How would I do that?

67. replacing last char of string logics

68. Char replace

69. Problem replacing chars in String.replaceAll(), Chars such as (1/2) and (1/4)

I'm having a problem using the replace function with the String.replaceAll(); In the following code, it doesn't seem to be able to see or replace certain chars for trademark, registered, and a couple of other chars. // I get the line of data from a file and store it in line. String new_line = ""; new_line=line; new_line = new_line.replaceAll("\\?\"", "\""); new_line ...

70. Help with replacing char

71. Character replace

well i have done similar thing say; String pipe ="Beer"; pipe.replaceAll("e", ""); and it works perfect, now what i want to do is to take the String "Beer" and using chaAt() to select characters forming the string and replace the characters with the images. The reason for this is to seperate the characters so i can display them anywhere i ...

72. Replace character !

Hello everyone, I have one String data with size of 5, I want to store nos. with pattern like 3 as '00003' or 77 should be '00077' or 100 as '00100' ... Is there any readily method avaible for this or I have develop my own methods for same. With Thanks ! Prashant Shukla

73. Whats the most efficient way of replacing special characters?

Dear jansi2, I am sending the following piece of code which will serve your purpose. this piece of code seems to efficient. Plz try it and get back to me. In case any problem, I will think over it. I am sending you a small method. public String getEliminatedString( String str_parm ) { String resultString = null; try { resultString = ...

74. char replacement in strings

hej guys my problem is about strings i have 2 fields in my class: String x String y When the program reaches a certain point, the user is prompted for a word (im making a word game). Then i assign that word to x so that the content of x is equal to the input. then i set the content of ...

75. Replacing char problems.

I have searched the java method index at sun and haven't found anything, so I thought you fine gentlemen/women might be able to lend me a hand. I need to replace one character in a string of all question marks with another predetermined character. So far I cannot find a way to do this, any and all help will be appreciated! ...

76. help !! replace two chars

77. Replacing all occurrences of characters in a string with one new character?

Hi there, I'm looking for a way that I could replace all occurrences of a set of specific characters with just one new character for each occurrence. For example if I have a string which is "word1...word2.......word3....word4............word5" how would I be able to replace this with just one character such as ":" for each set of "." so that it would ...

79. replacing a character in String

80. Replacing unwanted Characters

81. hi, why replace a simple character is so difficult

1.) Don't do that! Use PreparedStatement instead! It'll do the argument replacement for you 2.) Seriously! Don't do it! 3.) It will introduce SQL injection attack possiblities (google that!) 4.) Seriously! Google it! 5.) replaceAll() takes a regular expression as the first argument 6.) learn how to match "&1" using a regular expression. 7.) or use replace(), which doesn't take a ...

83. How to replace special characters by "" in Java ?

Dear Java Community, I am calling one method which pulls the String object from database. (Contents of the String object is as mentioned below, ie the email contents) ____________________________________________________ From : ABC To : XYZ Sent at : 01/14/2009 12:30 PM ____________________________________________________ Approved by JKL Then using the replaceAll method, I am trying to replace "\n" and "\t" by "" but ...

84. replace NULL character

Hi, i have a Problem working with my Database. When retriving data from one database and writing it into another i get the following error: PSQLException: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0x00 string client and server and datasource are using en_US.UTF-8 so this should not be the problem! i investigated the Problem. it seams like java allows Strings to contain ...

85. Replace contiguous occurrences of a char with a single occurrence

Hi, I want to replace multiple contiguous occurrences of a character with a single occurrence. I know what are the characters to be replaced. (ie) Califoooorniiiiia should become California (if I have to replace occurrences of 'o' and 'i') but Philadelphia should remain as is (since 'i' does not have continuous repetition) Do let me know. Regards SM

86. Replace special characters like &, ?, =

I am using JSP; I have a text area and an update button in my form; whenever we enter anything in the textarea and click on update button the contents get saved in the log file. But my concern is when I try to enter any link it throws an exception "A Error has been caught" and the link does not ...

87. Need to replace the string that contains '|' character using replaceFirst

I have the code snippet like this String aaa= "HEY | PRAKASH, HOW ARE YOU"; String bbb = aaa.replaceFirst("HEY | PRAKASH", "HI"); System.out.println(bbb); I want the output as HI,HOW ARE YOU But the output I am getting is "HI| PRAKASH, HOW ARE YOU" Wat is the issue with '|' symbol, is there any way to achive this......

88. How to replace character ? with another character in a string.

Strings are immutable, i.e. you cannot change them; you have to haul the content of the String over to a StringBuilder, change the content in there and haul the result back to another String. Read the API documentation for the String and StringBuilder classes. Alternatively you can extract parts of the String and assemble the new pieces again. kind regards, Jos ...

90. Problem in replacing with the unicode equivalent character ?

[systpe@Agni ~]$ javac cannot resolve symbol symbol : method isHexDigit (char) location: class java.lang.Character if(!Character.isHexDigit(ch)) ^ cannot resolve symbol symbol : method digitValue (char,int) location: class java.lang.Character v |= Character.digitValue(ch, 16); ^ replace(char,char) in java.lang.String cannot be applied to (java.lang.String,j ava.lang.String) String subs = "ename".replace("m", String.valueOf(cv)); ^ 3 errors Thanks & Regards khurram

92. how to repeatedly replace different strings with most chars are Not unique?

NOTE: I'm trying to avoid to do a substring of a substring of a ... replacement. Hello there, I'm looking for solution on a best approach to do a string replacment in something like example below. The idea would be to: 1. Open a file and Find a "Title" (i.e. TC162-01.2GFC (after

)). The Title here will be a dynamic ...

93. A clever way of replacing some characters in a string

I have a string passed between methods in classes. Due to a face that I don't have all data ready when the string is constructed at the first place. I need to a few of sections in the string before I can use it. I am wondering any clever way to carry out this task. Here is a sample of such ...

94. Replace to consolidate two chars into one

My program receives code with some regex escape sequences built into the code as two ascii chars. I would like to consolidate those two chars into a single escape sequence. Give: String testString = "Message nline break,\\n tline break and tab"; // this shows what I want, but it is hard coded for only two conditions. System.out.println(testString.replaceAll("\\\\n", "\n").replaceAll("\\\\t", "\t")); // What ...

95. containers...replacing two chars with a string

public static String translate(String string) { ArrayListMString> output=new ArrayList(); output.add(string); int x=0; for(int i=0; i

96. Replace all up to the first word character

97. Replacing Accented characters

String input = ""; input= input.replaceAll("[]", "A"); like wise v can do for all. output was: ************ AAAAA now i want u people to suggest me on the above code n let me know ,s thr any other effective code to replacing accented characters from input string with normal text.??? Along with this i would like to know the list of ...

98. Replace char on String

Hi All, String strValue = "ABC TPT 0694"; My String is as shown above, I am looking for a way to replace char at byte 6 (position 6) with another Char in String. For example at location 6 it is "T" I want to replace it with char "O". can any one tell me how to do this

99. java.lang.String: How can we replace the list of characters in a String?

String s = "abc$d!efg:i"; s = s.replace('=', ' '); s = s.replace(':', ' '); s = s.replace('$', ' '); s = s.replace('!', ' '); I want to check a list of illegal characters(Ex: $ = : ! ) present in the String 's' and replace all the occurance with empty space ' ' I feel difficult to follow the above code ...