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1. ResourceBundle.getString removed backslash character

I tried to get a resource from a file path from a properties file. Property File:

String path = ResourceBundle.getBundle("bundle_name").getString("info_path");
Result: C:Infooutput I would need to set the file:
Is this the default behavior? or would it ...

2. How is character star handled in a resource bundle

If we use "*" as part of the resource bundle, the character gets removed during the message formatting process (java.util.ResourceBundle). How are we supposed to escape this character?

3. ResourceBundle - French characters

I have a Swing application that I want to internationalize. I.E. I want to have an English resource bundle, and a French resource bundle. I created the two resources files and I've placed them in the classpath, I then load the files like this ( for the French version ): ResourceBundle.getBundle( "DisplayStrings", Locale.FRENCH, this.getClass().getClassLoader() ); And the resource load properly, but ...