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1. How to get the last characters in a String in Java, regardless of String size

I'm looking for a way to pull the last characters from a String, regardless of size. Lets take these strings into example:

"abcd: efg: 1006746"
"bhddy: nshhf36: 1006754"
"hfquv: nd: 5894254"
As you can see, ...

2. Is there a maximum size to char[]?

IN JAVA Is there a maximum size of char[]? Can I have a char[5,000,000]? Is array in java composed of contiguous memory blocks?

3. Isn't the size of character in Java 2 bytes?

I used RandomAccessFile to read a byte from a txt file. Like this :

public static void readFile(RandomAccessFile fr){  
byte[] cbuff = new byte[1];,0,1);
System.out.println(new String(cbuff));
why am I seeing one full ...

4. what is the size of one ASCII character

Prior, to Java 1.5.x, any character is internally represented as a 16-bit Unicode character using the UTF-16 encoding. As of JDK 1.5.x, changes have been made to support the use of surrogate (16-bit) pairs as well. True "ASCII" characters only require 7 bits. Regards, JD [ August 26, 2006: Message edited by: John Dell'Oso ]

5. Char size and usage

i am able to use char c=(char)2147483647; where 2147483647 is the max size of an int. anything more than that throws an compile time error. however the size of a char is 2 bytes and its the maximum int value is around 65535. how is char variables able to hold values from 65535 to 2147483647 which exceeds its size? the ...

6. what is size of char in java5?

Well as everybody is saying a char is 16bit. But Java supports characters which are above the range of char through supplementary characters. I think this would help in understanding of supplementary characters- Sun Tutorial on Supplementary Characters If you don't want to read it in whole it basically tells that in earlier versions of UTF16 encoding range of \u0000 to ...

8. Unicode character size

9. Import limit & char size

JLS, Third edition, 4.2.1: The values of the integral types are integers in the following ranges: * For byte, from -128 to 127, inclusive * For short, from -32768 to 32767, inclusive * For int, from -2147483648 to 2147483647, inclusive * For long, from -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807, inclusive * For char, from '\u0000' to '\uffff' inclusive, that is, from 0 to ...