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1. JAVA - Inserting a new line at the next space after 30 characters

I have a large block of text (200+ characters in a String) and need to insert new lines at the next space after 30 characters, to preserve words. Here is what ...

2. Make the next character of a space as capital

Possible Duplicate:
Capitalize First Char of Each Word in a String Java
I have a string "abc def ghi" , I want to make it as ...

3. How to insert Space after every Character of an existing String in Java?

this might be a stupid question but i still am new to java and i hope there is a simple solution for this task. I need to insert a space after every ...

4. Bash: how to automatically insert spacing characters according to indent?

I've got lots of debug statements making for unreadable stacktraces (not my call) like this:

 00:53:59,906  - j.util.indexing.FileBasedIndex - START INDEX SHUTDOWN 
 00:53:09,192  - .impl.stores.XmlElementStorage - Document was ...

5. White space ascii characters removal

how to remove white space ascii characters in the String using any apache lang or regular expressions or any other library. Regards, Chaitu

6. Add spaces between the characters of a string in Java?

I just want to add a space between each character of a string. Can anyone help me figuring out how to do this? E.g. given "JAYARAM", I need "J A Y A ...

7. How to remove white space characters in between the string?

For example, I want to convert the string test123 test124 test125 to test123+""+test124+""+test125 or test123test124test125. How to achieve this? Thanks

8. How do you differentiate between different characters within the same string after the occurance of a white space

I have modified my code, I am making a decoder that decodes as follows:

"2" as "a", "22" as "b", "222" as "c", "3" as "d" etc
I've written the following ...

9. How to identify white space characters

public class FunWithChars { public static void main(String[] args) { String myString = "ja\rm\ne\ts"; for (int i = 0; i < myString.length(); i++) { char c = myString.charAt(i); if (Character.isWhitespace(c)) { System.out.println("a whitepsace char was found at pos " + (i + 1) + ", it's ASCII code value is " + (int)c); } } } }

10. character to insert space

11. character representation of a blank space

Hi all, what is the character representation of a blank space? Iam trying to remove commas from a String for ex: String oldString="2,8764"; I can replace using String.replace(String,String) method. but our client uses jdk1.3. So i need to use String.replace(char,char) method. The resulting string should be like this "28764" (note:there should not be any space between). Thanks, Vinod

12. " "(space character ) vs %20

13. char ' ' space vs. String " " space

Say I have a String type variable and I want to concatenate a blank space, I could use: String word = aWord + " "; or: String word = aWord + ' '; My question is what is the benefit of using a char space. I would guess it has to do with char being a primitive type variable and String ...

14. How to make my program NOT dependent on spaces between characters?

I wrote a program that evaluates expressions with complex numbers in postfix format. It works perfectly but it is dependent on the expression having spaces between characters such as: ( 2 + 3 i ) ( 1 + 10 i ) + but I would like to make it also work if (2+3i)(1+10i)+ is entered and I have not been able ...

15. i want to read the line that containing space between the chars

hi, i am reading the text file using java streams. while i am retrieving the value from the stream it is giving the problem. because of the text "fire fox". so how to read that text from the file... simply, i want to read the text "fire fox" from the text file. so which java stream is suitable for this????

16. String.contains is not reading characters after a space charactier

Idea: your theory is wrong. The alternative is that the incorrect method has been run billions of times over the last ten years and you're the first one to notice. However it's impossible for us to confirm or non-confirm your theory given that incomplete code. Try producing some code that we can run and look at ourselves. It needs to be ...

17. removing spaces between characters using a loop

How can I remove spaces between characters using a loop? I made a program that tests the validity of a social insurance number. However, I'd like to be able to remove the spaces in the input if the users sepeates their SIN using spaces. example (123 456 789 becomes 123456789) Thank you Edited by: umhodzic on Feb 10, 2008 2:43 PM ...