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1. How do I split a string on a fixed character sequence?    stackoverflow.com

Suppose I have following string:

String asd = "this is test ass this is test"
and I want to split the string using "ass" character sequence. I used:
It doesn't work. What do I need ...

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Let me preface this by saying that I'm pretty new to Java. I have a file that contains a single line. The size of the file is about 200MB. I need to ...

3. Divide/split a string on quotation marks    stackoverflow.com

I have the following string: I would "surely" like to "go to school". Now, I would like to split this string at the ellipses, that is i would like to get the following ...

4. Splitting string with character sequence as a delimiter    stackoverflow.com

The requirement is to split strings in Java so that the following "this#{s}is#{s}a#{s}string" would result in the following array ["this","is","a","string"] As you can see here the delimiter is the character sequence "#{s}". What is the fastest ...

5. Split string into several two character strings    stackoverflow.com

I have this string 8S8Q4D1SKCQC2C4S6H4C6DJS2S1C6C How can I split this string into substrings that consist of 2 characters per substring? I'm confused because I cannot find a delimiter to split them.

6. How can I split a string to get a sentence between a certain character and an uncertain character    stackoverflow.com

String myString = "OID.1.2.840.113549.1.9.2=Responsable: Fernando Martínez Coss, L=Cuauhtemoc, ST=Distrito Federal, C=MX, OID., STREET="Av. Hidalgo 77, Col. Guerrero", EMAILADDRESS=acods@sat.gob.mx, O=Servicio de Administración Tributaria, CN=A.C. del Servicio de Administración Tributaria"; I have that one, ...

7. Split words and capitalize first character    stackoverflow.com

I'm getting user input that I need to format. I need to remove all leading/trailing spaces and I need to capitalize the first letter of each word. Here is what I'm trying, ...

8. split variables from texte    stackoverflow.com

this method runs an exception and i didn't find why.

private void loadTrace () {
BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(
  new StringReader(logTextArea.getText()));

String str;

try {

while(reader != null)


      str ...

9. How to split word not a single character in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I would like to split this string by a word "data::" not by single character. How?

String bla = "data::01000100010001000100data::0101001010101010101data::11111111111111111";
String result[] = bla.split("\\data::");
 * this outputs the whole string
 * instead of ...

10. splitting a string into N number of strings    stackoverflow.com

I want to split a string into N number of 2char strings. I know I must use String.subSequence. However I want it to keep creating these until the string is > ...

11. How to split a string with the character "[" using split() in java    stackoverflow.com

I am not able to give "[" directly as it considers it as char set. If i try giving "[" , i get a error saying escape sequence is not possible ...

12. Splitting a string on to several different lines in Java    stackoverflow.com

I have a very long string consisting of words punctuation and spaces. I am trying to modify the string to add a new line (\n) after every x characters but while ...

13. problem with "|" character while splitting text or string.    bytes.com

hi everybody, I am having problem with "|" character while splitting text or string. but all other characters are working like (/ ; , - _). Does "|" has a special ...

14. code for splitting string into characters    coderanch.com

It sounds like you just want to loop over the string and copy it's characters into a new array of char. You'll need to create the char first using the length of the string. All of that is simple enough to code out. Unless you are trying to optimize for memory consumption or someting else crazy I don't see where you're ...

15. Splitting the String to get all characters    coderanch.com

Hello, I need to split the String e.g. "AMIT" to get a String array that would contain all the characters (A,M,I,T). I tried writing the regular expression to be used with String.split() method. Here is the code that I tried String str = "AMIT"; String arr = str.split(""); It works but with a small hitch, the first String in the array ...

16. How to Split and count the character    coderanch.com

import java.util.*; class StrCount { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{ String st ="aabbc"; char[]third =st.toCharArray(); for(int counter =0;counter=0;j--){ if(ch==third[j]) flag=true; } if(!flag){ System.out.println("Character :"+ch+" occurs "+count+" times "); } } } }

17. how to perform split operations for special characters ~!^* etc..?    coderanch.com

No character is escaped with \\ nor with |. The | is an or operator, and you can find out about in from the link I gave you a few minutes ago. It is not used for escaping. Any meta-characters to be used as their literal value must be escaped. For example . means anything (except line end, usually), so to ...

18. Java split string, the first char is a space    java-forums.org

String myString = "Ab Just an example"; String firstWord, restOfString=""; String[] aSplit = myString.split(" "); firstWord=aSplit[0]; // now for the rest of string we can just append the rest for (int i=1; i

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21. How to split a string into multiple lines of x characters    forums.oracle.com

Hi I want to split a string into multiple lines of 'x' characters without breaking a word. That is, for example, if x = 13, if the 13th character falls in the middle of a word, this word should not be considered for the first line, but must go into the next line. Example: If the string is "The quick fox ...

23. Splitting a string into chars    forums.oracle.com

Given two Strings s1 and s2 already defined as String s1 = "Premonstratension"; String s2 = ""; write a sequence of lines of java code that will make String s2 contain (only) the letters number 1, 7 and 11 from s1 (e.g. if s1 was "piano" s2 containing letters 1, 3 and 4 would make s2 = "pan").

24. how to split using a character other than the comma    forums.oracle.com

I am trying to use the split method, but when I split on "?" it gives a metacharacter pattern exception. I would normally split on the comma but some of the words have commas in them and i want to keep them. For example, if this is the string: "license, Inc. (distribution), copyright" I want to split that string into "license, ...

25. Can't we split String with ^ character?    forums.oracle.com

26. problem of using String.split() to process Unicode supplementary characters    forums.oracle.com

I think the result you're seeing is correct and you're expecting the wrong thing. After all that String contains 5 Unicode code points of which only one is \uD87E. The last code point is the non-BMP character that is represented in the String as a surrogate pair and shouldn't be interpreted as \uD87E followed by \uDC1A. If you examine the Strings ...

27. String split with character: ^    forums.oracle.com

28. Java Split() without delimiter. Split every 4 characters    forums.oracle.com

Hello! I am trying to use the split funtion to split a string that contains no delimiter. The string is: 00f1002100410076000700a700c700f1 and I need the output to be: 00f1 0021 0041 0076 0007 00a7 00c7 00f1 As you can see, the string needs to be split after every 4 characters. Thanks a lot in advance people!!!