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1. obtain x,y coords of individual Chars in a SWT text widget    stackoverflow.com

If i write a text on SWT say "this text" in a particular font/style , i want the individual coords of 't' 'h' 'i' 's' and so on. Is there any ...

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I have found that firefox has excellent support for showing unicode text correctly. But when I copy and paste the same characters(in Bengali) in a java text component (such as JTextArea), ...

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I'm trying to draw strings character by character to add lighting effects to shapes composed of text.

while (i != line.length()) {
c = line.substring(i, i + 1);

cWidth = g.getFontMetrics().stringWidth(c);

g.drawString(c, xx += ...

4. Normalizing/unaccenting text in Java    stackoverflow.com

How can I normalize/unaccent text in Java? I am currently using java.text.Normalizer:

Normalizer.normalize(str, Normalizer.Form.NFD)
    .replaceAll("\\p{InCombiningDiacriticalMarks}+", "")
But it is far from perfect. For example, it leaves Norwegian characters æ and ...

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I am trying to encrypt/decrypt a string using JCE blowfish in the servlet (Tomcat engine 4.1.x) The encrypted text will be kept in the user session after the encryption process using a pre-defined key string (eg:- "hello").When I try to decrypt the string using the encrypted text and key in the servlert get method it gives me a corrupted string with ...

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Hi, I need to break a string with special characters into segments containing only text of the string , not the special chars like ",", " # ", " ", "$ " etc.. and then I need to compare the string with database string. Ex: if string is: " #123, EPIP Phase, White#Field " it has to be broken into: Segment ...

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Hello ! I'm loading text from XML and showing it up within a JTextArea or JTextPane... But both components show my String as a pretty long phrase and have to scroll it aside. I would like the text component to detect the lenght of the text and instead of doing a huge scroll, show it in the line bellow... Anyone knows ...