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1. Get unicode value of a character

Is there any way in Java so that I can get Unicode equivalent of any character? e.g. Suppose a method getUnicode(char c). A call getUnicode('÷') should return '\u00f7'.

2. Java char contains value > 255?

I get a char array from a socket :

char[] cbuf = new char[3];, 0, 3); // read 3 chars in buffer "cbuf", offset = 0
Then when I print that :
System.out.println("r:"+(int)cbuf[0]+" g:"+(int)cbuf[1]+" ...

3. get char value in java

How can I get the UTF8 code of a char in Java ? I have the char 'a' and I want the value 97 I have the char 'é' and I want the ...

4. how to get character value?

char c = 'a'; Character.getNumericValue(c) gives 10 as output. how can we do it other way round so that 10 is input and 'a' is output?

5. char initial value in Java

You initialize an int variable defined within a method to have a value of 0 until you compute specific values for the int. What can one initialize char values to?
char retChar ...

6. in javascript how can i get a value indicating a character's general category like java Character.getType?

input char:a      (unicode:97) output type:2
input char:Space  (unicode:32) output type:12
in java i can use code: "int type = Character.getType(unicode)" Character.getType Api

7. How to discover the Unicode codepoint and UTF-8 encoded value of a unknown character?

I'm doing text mining on content that comes from the web. There is a lot of chars that I want to convert to perform better classification (eg.: &nbsp to white spaces). The ...

8. How to break apart a string value and re-arrange characters

So from what I have found I would have to write a swap method? Only problem is from the codes I have been looking over it is a bit over ...

9. Java : Help need to typecast a String value into a char

Hi all i need to typecast a String value into a char . Please help me , i am not sure how to do this This is my code At First i ...

10. java : How to assign custom values to char

 char c = formbean.getOptionType().value().charAt(0)
Hi , the above line either returns 'P' or 'C' . So the value of char c would be either 'P' Or 'C' . Now , my question is ...

11. Character unicode value

I have a XML file encoded in UTF-8. When I open it in Java, some(in theory valid) characters remain encoded. For example, I try to get the &#66352 character: String str = ...

12. What is the dafault value for char?

13. Default Value for char

As far as i know that the default value of char is 'u\0000' So my code goes like this: //so it this an empty char?? private static char a ; in my main() //wont compile, why?? if (a == '') //returns true , this i understand System.out.println(a == 'u/0000'); String str = new Character(a).toString(); //isnt this an empty string?? String emptyString ...

14. create char using unicode value

15. Set value of char and String ?

"unclosed" usually means that you have an opening delimiter in your code, but not closing one to match it. If you have only one single-quote (') without a matching single-quote after the next character, you can get this error. Similarly, if you only have one double-quote ("), you will get a similar error for an unclosed String constant. HTH Layne

16. Unicode Character Values

I'm not quite clear on what you are attempting to do. What kind of conversion are you trying to do? There are several kinds. For example the character 'A' has an underlying numerical value (I'm not sure what it is). Similarly all characters have a numerical value (as far as I know). On the other hand, you may be attempting to ...

17. value of a character

I have a string that is composed of numbers and letters. I want to get all the numbers out of the string. I have tried: private long getNumber () { String nameString = "ABC_A235"; long num = 0; int len = nameString.length(); boolean isNum = false; char aChar; StringBuffer numOfName = new StringBuffer(); for (int i = 0; i < len; ...

18. about default value of char

Hi friends, i have some small doubt regarding in default value of char primitive type. Actually the default value of char primitive type is o, but when i am trying to print that value, its giving nothing. But when i am passing that in array as an index, its giving the value of a[0], if a is an array. I dont ...

19. char value

well i even tried '\u0123' but it still prints ? maybe windows do not support the char even if i say '\u0000' it doesnt print a 0, it simply doesnt prints anything. so what do we do if theres such a question in the exam that asks for the output it seems to be implementation dependent

20. unicode value for char

import*; public class Main { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { /// instantiate data input stream DataInputStream din = new DataInputStream (; // Ask user to enter a message System.out.println("please enter a char"); char ch = (char); int unicodeVal = Character.getNumericValue(ch); System.out.println(unicodeVal); } }

21. Value should be 7 or 8 digits .If 8 digits, the last should be a character

private static String f_facilityID(Scanner scan) { boolean loopUntilGoodNumber; System.out.println("Enter Facility ID:"); String facilityID =; int count = facilityID.length(); System.out.println("The count is :"+count); if(count == 8){ loopUntilGoodNumber =isIntNumber(facilityID); if(loopUntilGoodNumber == false){ facilityID = facilityID.substring(0,7); } } return facilityID; } public static boolean isIntNumber(String scn1){ try{ Long.parseLong(scn1); }catch(NumberFormatException nfe){ return false; } return true; }

22. Extracting numeric value of a char

Hi All, I need to get the numeric value of the chars. Here is the code I am using: TextField userNumber = new TextField("User Number:", "", 10, TextField.NUMERIC); String forNumber = userNumber.getString(); char number2 = forNumber.charAt(1); char number3 = forNumber.charAt(2); char number10 = forNumber.charAt(9); long counter = number10 * (number2 + number3); The result I am getting is the product of ...

23. Trying XOR char values

24. Scanning values of characters in a string

Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out a way I can scan the individual characters of a string to find their value [unicode value, if it's a number, punctuation etc] and I'm a bit stumped. I know I'll have to be using the chatAt method, but I can't think of how I could implement this to continuiously scan through a string. ...

25. Unicode value of a non-ASCII character

U+003F (which is the "official" notation of unicode code points) is the question mark. That means that your variable does not indeed hold the value you think it does. You've got a problem earlier in your code. Java converts characters that it can't represent in an given encoding to question marks. I.e. if you want to convert the String "h?llo" to ...

27. funny character value

If I look on approprite bytes their values are : 67, -96,-39,-102. This is still for value of 321.7 which is hexString of "43a0d99a". I can see the values if I use debugger or even if I apply Byte.intValue() to appropriate byte in the array. I just don't see any link between these values and the float value. I have searched ...

28. Getting char values from a string problem

Why not just use the String.equals() method to compare a String to a String? But if you must, you can use the String.charAt() method to return a char at a particular location in the String. Note: char literals need to be surrounded by single quotes ('A') and String literals need to be surrounded by double quotes ("A").

29. Char values as parameters.

You can ignore most of it, except these bits: if (jumpingOrder == 'o' ) { System.out.println("My jump is " + distanceJumped + " metres"); } if (jumpingOrder == 'p') { System.out.println("My jump is " + distanceJumped + " metres"); } The parameters for parameter char I want to be: o, O, p, P (that is lower + uppercase o; lower and ...

32. Chceking the value of a Character

Please don't write code that throws away "non-ASCII" characters. For one thing it's a waste of your effort (because XML can handle everything in the Unicode character set except control characters) and for another thing it is annoying to people who might want to use those characters. Not to mention that the name of your method has a lie built into ...

33. How to receive Unicode \uCODE value from char