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1. Why does Java allow control characters in its identifiers?

The Mystery

In exploring precisely which characters were permitted in Java identifiers, I have stumbled upon something so extremely curious that it seems nearly certain to be a bug. I’d expected to ...

2. bitwise & operation on char variable

3. Declaring character variable

public class As{ int i = 10; int j; char z= 1; boolean b; public static void main(String argv[]){ As a = new As(); a.amethod(); } public void amethod(){ System.out.println(j); System.out.println(b); } } Is not a character supposed to be defined using single quotes ? char z = '1' , is not this is hoe c chould be declared ? char ...

4. Help with creating a variable from a character in string

For example my program has to do this...spaces can be entered but I have it remove spaces within the program Input= "=a2+3" What this has to do is set a variable a = 2+3. I have the rest of the program working fine, I just need it to extract a character and use that as the name of the variable.

5. Take Char variable and increment by 1?