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1. Capitalize First Char of Each Word in a String Java    stackoverflow.com

Is there a function built into Java that capitalizes the first character of each word in a String, and does not affect the others? Examples:

  • jon skeet -> Jon Skeet
  • miles o'Brien -> Miles ...

2. How to lookup character from Word using getScore?    stackoverflow.com

Created a class Word. The purpose of this class is to take in words from players using a linked list. The Player class uses the word to get a score ...

3. Create a Graph of words who differ by 1 char    stackoverflow.com

I have a Map which contains a

  • key = length of words
  • value = arraylist with words of that length
an example of the map:
  • [1] = a, [2] = at, in, it, an, ...

4. Only first word of a sentence seen in Java    stackoverflow.com

I'm a newbie writing Java code. I haven't read about loops yet. I'm just up to if-else statements. My code works except when I enter a sentence only ...

5. finding the character after a specific word in a String    coderanch.com

Hi Tried the below. I am able to capture the count of the character but not able to get the word after the required character String name = ""; char pattern='.'; int occurs=0; for(int ipAddr = 0; ipAddr < name.length(); ipAddr++) { char next = name.charAt(ipAddr); if(next == pattern) { occurs++; if (occurs==3) { System.out.println("Testing::"+next); } } } regards ...

6. isolate words in strings, change characters    coderanch.com

i am a complete idiot with programming. i have an assignment due tomorrow. it has to take a simple user input, print out the length of the input, the length of the first and last words (causing me the most trouble). then switch some characters around several times and print each new text

7. Need help filtering out words from a String with a certain ammount of characters.    java-forums.org

I have this String: String ordTabell[]={"a","b","aa","bb","cc","aaa","bbb","ccc","ddd"," aaaa","bbbb","cccc","dddd","eeee"}; Basicly just some different words. I need to filtrate out the words that have x ammount of characters in it. IE: x=3 and i need to System.out.print the words that have 3 characters in them. What can i do in order to make this work? new to java. Thanks

8. Is it possible to provide a word as a token instead of a character in Strin    forums.oracle.com

<%! String strContents = null; ArrayList list = null; String str=" );"; public StringBuffer getFileContents() throws Exception { BufferedReader rdr = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader( new FileInputStream("C:/Master2.txt"))); StringBuffer contents = new StringBuffer(); String line = null; while((line = rdr.readLine())!= null) { contents.append(line); } return contents; } %> <% list = new ArrayList(); strContents = getFileContents().toString(); String[] items = strContents.split(str); for(String s ...

9. Two problems - Greater than and character for the word character    forums.oracle.com

First off, sorry about the title. public void setRefNumber (String ref) { if (ref >= "2") refNumber = ref; // Asks the user to input the reference number. else System.out.println("The reference number you entered was less than three characters long"); } That is the code I have, I am looking at making it so the user has to input a 'reference ...

10. Dealing with MS Word special chars    forums.oracle.com

11. Words with mixed characters    forums.oracle.com

I've probably found the decision - it bans mixing english ASCII symbols with others: private class EngCharRealm { private int min = 65; private int max = 122; private boolean oneWord = false; private boolean englishWord = false; public boolean isCharInTheRealm(Character character) { if (oneWord && Character.isWhitespace(character)) { oneWord = false; englishWord = false; return true; } if (oneWord) { if ...

12. How to Identify the new line char in paragraph taht in word Doc using POI    forums.oracle.com

Many times, there is no new line (unless there is some sort of list in the paragraph). Since Word (actually most editors now) word wraps automatically, the paragraph is usually (essentially) one long line that the editor wraps for you. But, to tell you the truth, I don't see anywhere in that code where you are even attempting to find newline ...