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1. java decimal String format

I need to format a decimal value to a string where i always display at lease 2 decimals and at most 4. so for example

"34.49596" would be "34.4959" 
"49.3" would be ...

2. Java DecimalFormat Scientific Notation Question

I'm using Java's DecimalFormat class to print out numbers in Scientific Notation. However, there is one problem that I have. I need the strings to be of fixed ...

3. Is it possible to use String.format for a conditional decimal point?

In java, is it possible to use String.format to only show a decimal if there is actually a need? For example, if I do this: String.format("%.1f", amount); it will format: "1.2222" -> "1.2" "1.000" ...

4. How to display an output of float data with 2 decimal places in Java?

Can I do it with System.out.print? Thank you.

5. Pattern for Decimal Format

I would like to translate 10000000.0 to PREFIX10,000,000.00 May I know what pattern I should pass into DecimalFormat?

NumberFormat numberFormat = new DecimalFormat(...);

6. How can I format a String number to have commas and round?

What is the best way to format the following number that is given to me as a String?

String number = "1000500000.574" //assume my value will always be a String
I want this ...

7. Format double to 2 decimal places with leading 0s

Hey guys,
I am trying to format a double to 2 decimal places with leading zeros and there's no luck. Here is my code:

Double price = 32.0;
DecimalFormat decim = new DecimalFormat("#.##");
Double price2 = ...

8. How to do intelligent decimal cut off in Java?

I want to implement or use some library for an intelligent decimal cut off. I mean that I would like to get: from 3.456432 -> 3.4, from 0.0000023232432 -> 0.000002 and ...

9. Setting the Decimal to format ##.## in java

I am trying to build a map with time starting from 06.00 to 23:59 as keys and I will keep track of a number for each time as value.I need the ...

10. How can I change DecimalFormat behavior based on input length?

I am using the following DecimalFormat pattern:

// Use ThreadLocal to ensure thread safety.
private static final ThreadLocal <NumberFormat> numberFormat =
  new ThreadLocal <NumberFormat>() {
    @Override protected NumberFormat initialValue() ...

11. How do I format a decimal value to have appropriate amount of trailing spaces

I have a double value which could be either 9.2 or 13.45 or 198.789 or 110.8. How do I format this to 9.2000 or 13.4500 198.7890 or 110.8000

12. How to format decimal places which contains different values

double d1 = "4.0"
double d2 = "4.2"
double d3 = "4.28"
I perform an arithmetic operation and it results in the above values with a maximum scale of 2. For d1, I would ...

13. Java - Decimal Format.parse to return double value with specified number of decimal places

I want to be able to convert a string to a Double given a number of decimal places in a format string. So "###,##0.000" should give me a Double to ...

14. Force decimal point (".") as seperator in java

I currently use the following code to print a double:

return String.format("%.2f", someDouble);
This works well, except that Java uses my Locale's decimal seperator (a comma) while I would like to use a ...

15. Formatting double to 2 decimals doesn't work

I want to round this double:

And I already used these two methods:
DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat("0.00");
        double result = Double.valueOf(df.format(input));

16. What format should I use to show 2 decimals or none?

I'm trying to format a number using printf but can't find the correct mask. For instance:

class F { 
    public static void main( String ... args ) { 

17. Java - Format number to print decimal portion only

Is there a simple way in Java to format a decimal, float, double, etc to ONLY print the decimal portion of the number? I do not need the integer portion, ...

18. What is decimal format exactly doing?

This is my code:

float result=(float) ( (new Float(result1)*0.3)+(new Float(result2)*0.7));
String a=dec.format(result);
If I use vprosvasis somewhere else in my app, it will have the price a. For example, if my result is 12,34, a ...

19. Decimal Format?

I just wrote a lab that is supposed to flip two coins 500 times and count how many times heads and tails were flipped and is supposed to calculate the percentage ...

20. How to format decimal numbers with StringTemplate (ST) in Java?

I am using StringTemplate in Java. I would like to render decimal number with a certain precision (e.g. 3 digits after the decimal point). Is it possible to for the ST ...

21. How can I format a float in Java with a given number of digits after the decimal point?

What is the best way in Java to get a string out of a float, that contains only X digits after the dot?

22. Formatting decimal with inline conditional statement

I'm wondering why there is an inconsistency with the code below. I would expect the same output, but when using the inline conditional statement, it appends a .0 to the string. Do ...

23. compact Number formatting behavior in Java (automatically switch between decimal and scientific notation)

I am looking for a way to format a floating point number dynamically in either standard decimal format or scientific notation, depending on the value of the number.

  • For moderate magnitudes, the ...

24. How can I convert Decimal value to Packed Format

Ravi, you cannot convert a value to a format; I assume your question is actually how to convert one format into another format, in your case going from a string representation of a number to a packed format of that number. The numeric formats like Int, Long etcetera are all stored packed (write them to a file and see). Strings are ...

25. format decimal numbers

26. decimal format conversion

28. Prob in Decimal formating

Hi, I m trying to make a method in which i want to format a fraction into percent format. But i m unable to remove th errors in it. If som1 can help me out... below is the code i have written... import java.math.BigDecimal; import java.text.DecimalFormat; import java.text.DecimalFormatSymbols; import java.text.MessageFormat; import java.text.NumberFormat; public class formating { public static void main(String[] args) ...

29. decimal format

30. formatting decimal spaces

Greetings all, I'm a greenhorn, and I need a little help. I had a little free time at work today and was trying to come up with some example script ideas for practice, and after hearing my wife complain about the credit card bills lastnight, I came up with the one below. Everything in the example works like I wanted/expected, except ...

31. Help Regarding Decimal Format Class

32. Problem in Decimal Percent Formating

First of all, please use code tags when you post code, so that the forum automatically formats your code properly so that it's much easier to read. You get the syntax error because your placement of { and } braces is wrong. You are now declaring a public static final member variable and a method inside your main() method. You can't ...

33. Decimal Format

Thanks, the place where the value comes back to the Screen is from a context defined BAPI node in SAP WebDynpro application. The table cells themselves are binded to the context nodes. Not sure how I will format the value there, and I suppose that is a SAP forum question. Thanks again for all the replies!

34. formatting to 4 decimal places

36. Unpredicatable rounding decimals using Number Format/ Decimal Format

Hi All, The below code is used to round upto two digits after decimal. 1.215 is rounded to 1.22(correct) 1.225 is rounded to 1.22(incorrect) 1.235 is rounded to 1.24(correct) 1.245 is rounded to 1.24(incorrect) public static void main(String[] args) { String str[] = {"1.215","1.225","1.235","1.245"}; try { for(int i= 0 ; i

37. Formatting decimals

Mmm, NumberFormat won't really do it for you, as it uses proper rounding, not truncation. Unless of course you wish to abandon truncation for something that, well, makes much more sense? That is to say: in the real world, 8.5679 should really be rounded to 8.57 rather than 8.56, as the former is a much closer approximation. Do you really need ...

39. 'Implied Decimal' format in Java for Double/Float

Hello, I have a very simple question. I want to know that if there is a format class, method or any wy to format a decimal number into a implied decimal format? Some examples, for implied decimal to 2 places: input: 12345.06 output: 1234506 input: 12345.00 output: 1234500 input: -152345.45 output: -15234545 input: -152345.457892 output: -15234546 input: 12.16223 output: 1216 I ...

41. Decimal format like 2.07619048e-05

Hi All, I wonder if you could help me, I have to output an XML file which has lots of decimal values at a certain length. I have tried DecimalFormat, but I think I am loosing precision, i'm not sure. The format required is: 2.07619048e-05 etc with all values the same length. Please could somebody help as I am pulling my ...

42. I am making a program that format the output with two decimal places..

The manager of a football stadium wants you to write a program that calculates the total ticket after each game. There are four types of tickets--box, sideline, premium, and general admission, after each game, the data is stores in the file in the following form: Ticket Price number Of Ticket Sold... Sample data are shown below: 250 5750 100 28000 50 ...

43. Decimal Format

This is the line of code that i am trying to format in. DecimalFormat formatter = new DecimalFormat("000000.00"); System.out.println("\t" + (counter+1) + "\t " + formatter.format(loan[0][counter]) + mp + arp + formatter.format(loan[2][counter]) + formatter.format(loan[3][counter])); The problem is that it the ouput looks like this: Payment # Principal Payment APR Interest Payment Principal Payment 1 010000.00 5000.00 12.0 000100.00 004900.00 2 005100.00 ...

45. Altering number of decimal places of formatted number

Using I have worked out how to format a number, almost. When I follow the example in this tutorial that shows how format a double, it always rounds it to 3 decimal places. How do I alter the number of decimal places that this formatting procedure outputs? I used the US as the locale and English as the language. I ...

46. Decimal Format Class : avoiding exponential format

im converting a double number in java to a string, but when i print it out, the E#### would always appear for some numbers, especiall for the big ones. they told me to use the decimal format class but i don't exactly know how to use it. can anyone help me with this? thanks in advance!

47. Formatting Decimals

Thank you - yes, the question was how to use comas as separators on the left, and spaces and separators on the right. You have pointed out that you cannot have both at the same time. However, is it possible to use spaces as separators if all the digits are to the right of the decimal point? Thanks Bob

49. Strange behavior of Decimal Format dealing with double

You take a double, turn it into a String, format the String, and parse it back into a double. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot??? If you're trying to get a double value that only goes to a fixed number of decimal digits, it ain't gonna happen, and it would be pointless in most cases even if you could do it. If you really need the ...

50. Decimal Format

51. Having problems with the decimal format

it won't help you to be rude to corlettk, he was offering you genuine advice and that is to check and read up on the java api (what almost all java programmers do)for the DecimalFormat class so you'll be able to customize your program accordingly btw, just use a StringBuffer ( instantiate and assign to a variable which later on will ...

52. decimal format problem

53. Decimal Format

T.B.M wrote: If DecimalFormat is not working for you, then you should try to make your own formatter, e.g. a naive format function to achieve what you want can be: ... But this is very brittle e.g. it can't handle numbers in scientific notation like 1.9E10, and there can be many other problems. But for simple inputs it does work. Actually, ...

54. how to stopping rounding using decimal format

my problem is as 1. I am taking a double input in a jtextfield 2. Now i am using decimal format to round it to 6 decimal places Now , how to make sure that decimal format while formatting do not round like If input is 1.2345678 i want to get 1.234567 not 1.234568

55. Decimal Format Without rounding...

56. Formatting currencies and decimal places

I'm currently using NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance() to format numbers as currency. However, one problem I'm having is that I'd like values with no cents to be formatted with no decimal places, and any values with cents to be formatted with the usual 2 decimal places. For example: 17 would be formatted as $17 17.45 would be formatted as $17.45 17.4 would be formatted ...

57. quick question about decimal format

and and ps. on my previous code a couple weeks ago, for those that remember, i found out that the problem i was having with it was that i had a ";" in the wrong place. and another note . . . for all yall who remember me struggling on my last program, i got this entire one done . . ...

58. Decimal Formatting

Hey guys, Here is some code that I have to format a float to a certain amount of decimal places. What should I add in order to fill with 0s. Meaning, if i want to format a number to 3 decimal places, but it only has 2, i want it to add a 0 Float F = new Float(indexValue); NumberFormat precisionFormat ...

59. Decimal formatting problem


great day to everyone. i have just finished creating a program which will compute 5 numbers with decimal points. our professor asked us to modify. i have no idea how it will diplay an output with only 2 decimal places (as it will automatically round off the output) even if you enter a number with infinite decimals. here's the program and ...

61. Re: Decimal Format, need help

63. doubt in formatting decimal number

65. Decimal Formating

I'm trying to make a program for students in a pecific course that'll do the complex calculcations for them. the problem is that in many cases, the results are very very small (like 0.000000034), and i'm looking for a way to format it into a scientific notation (x.x*10^y aka x.xey). i looked in the API and found that there is sth ...

66. convert decimal to comp-3 format

68. Decimal format - numbers not being formatted

Thanks, quitte, that worked fine (Glevner's solution just returned "12,123,456,789"). I'd be curious, however, to learn what's happening here - particularly as, technically, the fact that the number is divided into sets of three is purely coincidental - it's not a thousands separator. Spelt out, this number means "one two one two three four five six seven eight nine", not "twelve ...

69. Formatting decimal places

70. Decimal Format

I don't know if this is what you're planning, but...generally, if you have a (non-String) value, it's a bad idea to move that value by turning it into a String, and then later parsing the string. Of course, there are times when that's unavoidable (like when you have to store data in a file with a particular format). But if at ...